And Now His Watch Is Ended: A 700+ Game Player Review of Bernd Leno

FIFA19 2 - And Now His Watch Is Ended: A 700+ Game Player Review of Bernd Leno

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"Fifa starts, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until a higher rated Arsenal GK comes to exist. I shall take no special colour, cost little to no coins, be thrown into no sbc, I will win no games on my ones and win no glory. I shall live and die at my two goal posts. I am the sweeper keeper in the box. I am the man entrusted to save the front post corners. I am the wall against FB Ibra. The one who "has no right to be stopping that". I pledge my life and honor to this team. For this match and all the matches to come."

Legend had it those were the very first words Bernd Leno said in the changing rooms four score and seven years ago when he joined my club. What happened next can never be retold mostly because I had to go to several self-counseled therapy sessions to get over the mental turmoil that this game has caused me, but I digress. Recently there have been calls on this sub to have longer player reviews so I hope this helps, I would've got to 1000 but EA released Cech early so it's out of my hands. I'm making an Arsenal past & present team which basically just means icons + find a way to get Aubameyang into the team and hope Arsenal get some special fullbacks.

Anyways here's what you've all been waiting for, Leno's 718 Game review:


In the iconic words of Ye: "What's 4k to a mofu like me? Could you please remind me"

In all honesty it will probably go down as the best 3900 coins I've ever spent in terms of getting bang for my buck, you could probably snipe him for less if you really wanna try him out in none sbc season.

Edit: Futbin has him at 5.4k LOL we eating well tonight boys!!

Diving: Pretty terrible at this. Get's beaten by longshots way too often.

Handling: I don't really throw the ball out often but he can get decently up the pitch maybe to about the halfway line.


Kicking: You'll learn to adjust and live with it. Can't go out wide with his kicking tbh as it's incredibly inconsistent, down the middle and you're certi

Reflexes: This is where this card generally excels, a beast at blocking low headers from corners and balls that just drop to the attacker in the 6 yard box

Speed: Just as fast as anyone else on this game I guess.

Positioning: For some reason he makes everything hard for himself, parries into other attackers, leans into longshots and bounces the ball onto the floor. Basically your standard GK on this game.

Other Notes: Could be taller. If the opponent happens to aim straight at Leno its a goal 10 times out of 10. If it's either side of him then he has a chance, unless its a longshot then anything in Leno's general direction and you're fucked.

In the interests of full disclosure I will run down how he is compared to other GKs in the game:

Not sure really, had another keeper once poor bloke's been gone for 700 odd games now.

All jokes aside, I have used FUTMAS Subasic, FB Casillas, TIF Donnarumma and that Danish POTY GK. The later assisted from 2 corners in SBs when I forgot to set player roles and couldn't be asked to change the taker. Gks are all shit in this game, I'll never use TOTY De Gea but if I can get past him then he too must be shit. Overall opinion: If you're gonna buy a GK to play 700+ games for you it may as well be this one cuz they're all shit.

Keep an eye out for my 700 Game review on Cech which will be coming: NEVER. cuz Lord knows there is no chance I am playing that many games again!

Edit 2: Also if anyone wants to know about literally any other Arsenal card in the game lemme know I have/used them all including IF Xhaka in WL lol

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