Aouar – A WL Superhero review.

FIFA19 7 - Aouar - A WL Superhero review.

I added Aouar to my team yesterday in order to try him out in several different positions. He benched red TOTS Silva for me.

In order of doing something fun, let’s review him using Marvel superheroes.

WL finish: Gold 2, 17-10.

Chem style: Hawk

Positions: CAM in 4231, ST in 4222, CM in 433(5).


He’s a bullet when he takes off. His high offensive IQ also makes sure that he is in position to take those runs in behind the opposition’s back line. His speed is more than enough offensively, and as a CM he just zooms around the midfield, breaking up and creating plays. He just glides around the pitch like the SURFER on his board, much like Messi.


Not quite as skilled as BULLSEYE, the Hawk chem style boosts him up to still lethal levels of shooting. He scored 11 goals in 11 games for me. Notably does just as well with finesse shots as power shots. Clinical in front of goal.


Hardly ever the main star, AOUAR is the perfect complementary player with perfect feel for what is happening on the pitch, spreading through balls that confuses the opposition and sometimes the player himself too; he has that quality where you say ”I did not mean to do that,” but in a positive tone of voice. Has perfect vision. Can’t hit a free kick to save his life though, and his crossing makes him more suited for s central role.


Few people are as smooth as STARK. Aouar can turn on a dime, and utilizes L1 dribbling perfectly. His strongest attribute.



Aouar utilizes his speed and agility rather than size and strength in order to save the world. He was a great complement to Frenkie De Jong and Prime Vieira on my midfield in a 4-3-3(5), with Vieira being the beastmaster who utilizes Jong and Aouar as his hounds to chase down opponents while he cuts passing lanes.

As a striker he caused more turnovers from the opposition’s defense than I am used to.


Sometimes lacks the size and strength to make his presence known, but will occassionally bully the opposition. Scored a surprising amount of headers (3 of 11) because of strong positioning and decent jumping.


Just like Cap, Aouar can do it all, but isn’t always the best. There are stronger characters in the Marvel universe. There are characters that are faster, more agile, smarter, shoots better etc. but few players offer the complete package quite like he does.

Aouar’s best position is probably as a CAM or CM, the glue that keeps everything together.

Aouar may at times suffer from never being the best at what he does, but his spot in the lineup is always secure.


  • Frenkie De Jong with better weak foot.

  • A shorter Firmino

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