April Mod Team Update – “Not An April Fools Prank” Edition

FIFA19 7 - April Mod Team Update - "Not An April Fools Prank" Edition

What's good people, it's your third favourite mod's third favourite mod
Davelbast - April Mod Team Update - "Not An April Fools Prank" Edition

/u/Davelbast, and welcome to the third edition of our Monthly Mod Team Update. As per the title, this post is completely legit and not an April Fools Day joke, the timing is just kinda unfortunate.

March was an interesting month, there were a number of polls running to gauge your feedback and help shape the content of our sub (more on that later) as well as the beginning of a Meme Day for you release your shitposting needs (also more on that too).

The poll outcomes were very interesting, so without further ado, let's get cracking and see what their results mean for fifa going forward.

Daily Squad Thread

Let's be honest, it's the one you're most interested in and it's the one that's been the cause of the most discussion within our mod team for the past few months. We made a number of suggestions within the team and gave pros and cons for each change, but ultimately we thought it best to give a say to the good people of fifa.

You guys, by a very slim margin (twelve!) have decided that we should trial the removal of the DST for a week. From now, and for the next seven days, squad posts will be allowed their own individual threads where you can help your brethren find the missing link to their SPL/Saudi hybrid, marvel at just how truly colourful our playerbase's rainbow squads are, or simply gaze in wonder at each and every one of our traders who are "pretty proud with their teams, to say they haven't spent a penny this year".

As Automod will now have an available spot open, we will be reintroducing a Daily Discussion Thread. This thread will be the place to go for the posts that crop up in /new that don't necessarily need a full thread for discussion, which include but are not limited to;

Subjective questions (such as "Who is better, Player X or Player Y?" or "Which Chemstyle is best on Caballero?")

Weekend League finishes (more on that later)

Other general gameplay discussion

Meta posts/ ideas for the sub

We'll be giving the new system a go for a week, and then taking your feedback on board and seeing which, if any, changes we need to make from there. You can expect these changes to be implemented in the next few days. The Daily Discussion Thread will only thrive with your interaction, so make sure you drop in and see what's happening in there.

Weekend League/Division Rivals finishes

Pretty conclusively, you guys voted to remove Weekend League and Division Rivals finishes. Instead of individual posts, they can go in the Daily Discussion Thread, where you can big yourself up or knock yourself down until your hearts are bursting with either joyous pride or depressed misery.

Concept Cards


The second most conclusive poll told us that you guys love you some Concept Cards. Who doesn't love a little nostalgia anyway? So yeah, they're back. Flashback Billy Sharp in recognition of his legendary 30 goal 2016-17 League One season? Great! End of an Era Jon Walters? Let's see it! Made your own Promo? Show us the cards we couldn't pack!

F2aemtP - April Mod Team Update - "Not An April Fools Prank" Edition

Card Predictions

And now we move onto the most conclusive poll. Not far off being a landslide, the good people of fifa have spoken and decided that we went card predictions back. So if your favourite player scores his second/third/fourth hattrick of the season, then show us what his next upgrade is gonna look like. Let's choose a completely random example – Sheffield United's talisman Billy Sharp scores the goal that gets us them promoted to the Premier League, you better make his Hero card look good! …orI'llbanyou.

CBNH7iW - April Mod Team Update - "Not An April Fools Prank" Edition

Card Sniping

Not much to say on this one – you pick up a card on the cheap, show us and let us marvel at your nimble digits, light-speed reactions and rapid internet connection.

Selling Oopsies

You guys aren't really that bothered about seeing these, so don't post 'em. Simple.


We've recently trialled allowing memes into the sub, and we've read and taken on board all your feedback so far. To gauge the wider reactions of the sub, we've created another poll to that will be live for the next few weeks to see what you guys would like us to do with memes moving forward. The meme trial will also continue, and may be adjusted should circumstances require it.


We'll be providing further updates on the Daily Squad Thread, the Daily Discussion Thread and Memes in FIFA in due course. As always, your feedback is welcome either through modmail or in the comments of this post.

Until next month, peace!











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