As a FUT founder, experienced FUT gambler and seasoned trader: words of advice on the current PL upgrade packs

FIFA19 4 - As a FUT founder, experienced FUT gambler and seasoned trader: words of advice on the current PL upgrade packs

Don’t do them. Don’t even think about them. Walk away.

And if you read or hear that others are packing blues: refer to the previous sentence. The odds of packing anything noteworthy are extremely small. The chance that you’ll gut your club and have nothing to show for it, by contrast, is entirely likely.

I love the old model: Premium Gold Packs, and Premium Gold Player Packs – both with players from the specified league. The former required a base gold team; the latter rare golds. I’d do three Premiums and two Premium Players at a time, then go back and put untradeables in the next batch. I could rinse and repeat for hours.

And you know why I did that? Because each throw of the dice had value. It’s not that the packs were great, but that you could do a lot of them. Each one was a prospect. Strangely, I can recall the lower-grade Premium Gold-style packs delivering better and more frequent TOTS pulls in ’17 and ’18 – but then, I did more of those. TOTS Ronaldo in ’17 was a highlight.

But now this.

Here’s my prediction for what comes next: I think that EA might tell us that they’d love to offer the old upgrade packs, but that it just isn’t compatible with the new League SBC model. They’ll make as if their hands are tied. If only! But no.

Looking at the offered SBCs, though, I’d say that they are purpose-built not merely as a coin-sink, but as a method to slow down or entirely halt player progress on the league SBC grind. The junior packs have very little value as a punt; the more expensive ones requiring league-specific rares is directly incompatible with building towards the completion of the major SBC divisions.


I feel that EA are “making hay while the sun shines” with FUT at the moment: doing what they can to maximize profits from FIFA point revenue, as they damn well know that governments around the world are scrutinizing this business model and discussing/preparing/implementing a suitable regulatory framework. They’re not going to knowingly give too much away.

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The past two TOTS promotions have, I think, been unusually generous by historical FUT standards, but suitably so – for many, May/June is when the FIFA bug itches less, and everyone starts looking forward to the new game. This year, their focus on revenue over player satisfaction is brutally evident. I’m sure the devs don’t want it this way, and I’d encourage everyone to treat them with respect… but EA as a company? Less so.

We can still change their minds. They readily ignore small pockets of discontent and mere thousands of frustrated players on their social media channels: they’re accustomed to that. But if we all post en masse, a grand gesture of disappointment from the 200k subscribers of r/FIFA alone, we could make a difference. And perhaps others will join us.

As it stands, though: TOTS is now not a priority for me. Without those upgrade packs, I’ve no real desire to engage with the front-end stuff or the much-maligned match engine.

Well played, EA. Well played!

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