As a life long, casual FIFA gamer, the 20 beta is absolutely stellar.

FIFA19 3 - As a life long, casual FIFA gamer, the 20 beta is absolutely stellar.

I'll preface by saying I only had access to Ultimate Team post patch. I only had Pro Club access previously. I'm also not a hardcore gamer. Gaming is my main hobby, but I am no means competitive and I usually play just to enjoy a night with the lads. I didn't keep up with Ultimate Team in 19, just dabbled for the most part. I've also been playing football games since FIFA International Soccer on Sega Genesis in '93.

I've sunk a few hours into the beta and played roughly 20 games. When I played div rivals, I wanted to use all kinds of players so I can see how each player feels. Tried the likes of Giroud and Kane, Barkley, Shelvey, Ndombele, Rashford, Clyne, Lindelof, etc. Of course everyone I came up against used the meta cards they gave everyone, so I was completely outmatched when it came to player quality in most games. I did use those meta cards as a sub here and there or slot them in every now end then, but I mainly played with average rare/non rare golds.

I loved how the players felt. I think they nailed it. Although some players have similar builds or similar stats, everyone feels unique. I feel they nailed the builds, and the stats and physics go together beautifully. When the likes if Ndobele or Sissoko are on the ball, running full steam up the middle of the pitch, they feel like freight trains. Rashford or Pedro feel exactly how they look. Even players like Neymar or Messi. They feel superb on the ball, but they dont feel terribly overpowering. Giroud was able to win headers with good positioning, and his control felt unique to Giroud. Wasnt able to win every header, but I feel like in 20, the play of a classic number 9 is viable instead of just pace and more pace.


Shooting. It's difficult, but I believe it's a welcome challenge. 18 and 19 were ridiculous goal fests. 18 with low drivens and finesse outside the box, 19 with the 360 no scopes and ridiculously OP timed finishing, well earned goals feel rewarding. They aren't easy. But solid buildup play and a nicely placed shot takes some skill and effort. I like it, but I'm sure this will be a contentious point with the community this installment.

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The flow of gameplay is solid. As I said, I had access to Pro Clubs pre patch and that gameplay was top notch. Very slow and methodical. Post patch of UT the gameplay is NOTICEABLY different than 19. It's slower and feels heavier, but in a positive way. It feels natural. 19 is really fast. Too fast to accurately portray football imo, but I think 20 gets it. It strikes that right balance between simulating real world football, but still being a video game.

Defending is a mixed bag for me. I feel like it definitely forces you to play solid manual defending. I came into several instances where my AI teammate loosely was jogging along with my opponent. Which fine, but I find tackling a little awkward. There were many times where I timed a tackle right and came in with the right speed, but he flailed and missed terribly. Not sure if its something I need to get use to, but this aspect is much different compared to 19.

I normally bitch about EA at every given turn and I believe its deserved a majority of the time. 19 was a piss poor disaster in terms of gameplay. But I have to give them credit here. The community is huge and they will never please everyone at once. I just think they got it right this time (so far). I hope they dont destroy it as they have done in previous years because I think they finally figured out how to make FIFA work with Frostbite. Really encouraged and enjoying it so far.

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