Assisted controls – Can we admit that this is the biggest problem in fifa?

FIFA19 5 - Assisted controls - Can we admit that this is the biggest problem in fifa?

Assisted controls dictates how you shots and passes behave. Hard pass made easy? The assistance did that. Misplaced a simple pass? Assistance determined that to happen. Scoring from finesse Everytime? Assistance is what makes that specific mechanic perform so consistently well.

Fact is the biggest problems every. Single. Year come down to the game assistance overriding user input to produce a negative and unfun effect.

And it is not only things it effects directly, but indirectly too. Wonder why defending assistance is so op? Because it needs to be to balance to the defending side of the game with the attacking side. If defending was manual then you could rarely get the ball back from all the assisted attacking going on. I know this aspect has gotten worse this year, but its always been there to an extent, particulary in body-to-body situations where the defender always has the advantage to out muscle and knic the ball from the attacker.

If anyone has played full manual vs full manual matches, you understand just hpw much more balanced and fair the game is ALREADY. The options for this type of gameplay is already in the game, but they go unpromoted by and unused by the wider community.


Its funny to me, reading all the complaints on the front page everytime i visit this subreddit. People complain about OP this and OP that, but rarely does anyone acknowledge that the fundamental cause of these problems are not balance tweaks here and there, but rather the very use of the default setting in the game – ASSISTED CONTROLS.

Because Ea DO rebalance the game every year, but with assisted controls its like playing whack-a-mole – they tone down ping pong passing, then finesse becomes OP. Tey tone down finesse, and now drivens are OP. Why? Because they cant make every assised function unviable or else the game just wouldnt be fun, so some functions have to be better/more consistent than others. And those become the things OP flavour of the year. Then people complain.. Then ea play whackamole, and the cycle repeats.

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