Aymeric Laporte Review

FIFA19 1 - Aymeric Laporte Review

Aymeric Laporte

Now before we start, I realise that you may say “he is just posting this because he doesn’t want to admit he wasted coins”. But I promise you it isn’t.

I have used some of the best non-icon CBs like Ramos, Varane, VVD, Manolas, Godin, etc.

IMO I think the Top 5 Non-Icon CBs are 1. Varane 2. VVD 3. Ramos 4. TOTT Laporte 5. Kimpembe (I have only tried his base card).

If your curious, this is the team I start him in, and here is how it looks in-game after custom tactics.

We’ll start with why I did the Laporte SBC

  1. He looked like a decent PL CB option to link with either SIF Lala or Kyle Walker.

  2. I think he will get a winter upgrade which will make the card even better (though I’m sure better CB options will be out then, but not a FB Koscielny lol)

PACE (69) 7/10

Now he’s not the quickest, but if… excuse me, when you run “Drop Back” while defending, with consistancy of his positioning, he will not really be beaten in a foot race. But who am I kidding, someone with 30 pace can catch Mbappe smh.

He feels very similar to VVD in terms of pace if that helps you (even with an anchor, which I recommend, I use Shadow on VVD though).

SHOOTING (52) lol/10

Just rip one from 40 yards it might go in,

it will go in if you’ve timed finesse it.

PASSING (72) 10/10 (for a CB)

What the actual fu*k? I was not expecting his passing to be that good, when he is in a sticky situation where a difficult pass needs to be made, he gets it done.


He can launch a ball forward to your strikers if need be, and his distribution towards fullbacks is perfect.

DRIBBLING (64) 5/10

What are you expecting, Messi?

He is able to control the ball really well, react fast, and his agility and low dribbling are almost unnoticable.

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You can take the risk if you want, dribbling in your own box (though I don’t recommend it), but just use his distribution to get the ball out.

DEFENDING (87) 10/10

This is the juicy part. By far his best stat, his marking, stand tackling, and interceptions are actually the best I’ve used this year. His positioning is perfect, he is always in the perfect place at the perfect time.

Nuff’ said.


I wish he was like Van Dijk or Godin with his physicality, but with an Anchor chem style he gets the job done.

Stamina isn’t really a problem when you run “Drop Back”. Not sure how 67 stamina would do with other tactics.

I haven’t had him be muscled away from the ball either.

He is also 6’2”, so decently tall, won’t usually lose a header, unless it’s against Shrek.

OVERALL 8.5/10


I think you should definitely pick up Laporte if you can manage to do it for less than 50k with untradables, I wouldn’t pay 60k+ if you are heavily questioning it. He is a poor man’s PL Varane. Run him with an anchor, and he will do work.

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