Be Better At Finishing (Guide) – Body Positions/ Angles

FIFA19 7 - Be Better At Finishing (Guide) - Body Positions/ Angles

Hello Everyone!

It's been nearly 2 years since i last posted here, University has got in the way of playing fifa and making guides, but i've got a bit of spare time here and there, and plan to make some more stuff across the year. My tactics/instructional guides seemed to be pretty well received here when i posted them, so i thought i'd post this one here too.

I'm not fully sure how this will be received as i'm not sure how much common knowledge this is – but two friends of mine (One is generally Gold 2, the other Elite 3) and neither really could explain how they shoot so i've explained the following to them and they both found it reasonably useful so hopefully you guys will too.

Personally I’ve gone from 8/9 wins to 14 this week, but obviously it’s only been one week so I can’t definitively say it’s because of the finishing, though I have been notedly more calm in front of goal.

Shooting is all about body positions, angles to the goal and position inside the box.

I’ve basically broken finishing down into four different categories so that I have a much clearer mind in front of goal. I’ve found that having a go to method of shooting in each area of the box means that I stay calm infront of goal so that I don’t panic and do something silly. The four shots I have broken the game down to are: Powerful Laces Shot, Curled Finesse Shot, Front Post shot and the chip shot. If you follow this advice it should make your decision-making process simpler

Laces Shot

The most OP shot in Fifa. If you get yourself in a good area with a good body position, it’s extremely likely you’ll score with this. For the laces shot, the best area for a left footer is between the 6 yard-box and edge of the box on the left-hand side of the box, vice versa for a right footer. The perfect body position for the laces shot is to align your players shoulders so that they’re facing the far corner in a straight line. This is because unlike finesse shots where you want a slight angle to wrap your foot around the ball, with the laces shot you want a straight path to goal as it’s much more consistent.


Finesse Shots

Finesse shots are best utilised from the right-hand side for a left footer, and from the left hand side for a right footer. For this shot, you want your players shoulders to be facing just outside the far post, as this will enable your player to wrap his foot and body round the ball to give it some more curl.

Front Post Shot

Although it’s a finesse shot, I think it’s different enough to warrant its own explanation. Generally I find that this shot is less effective unless you’re closer to goal than the penalty spot. I use it on the right hand side for a right footer and left for a leftie. I tend to use it when I don’t have time to open my body up for a laces shot. For example if I’m heading away from goal and I have a defender breathing down my neck I’ll use this shot. It’s best to position your shoulders outside the near post, hence why it lends itself to heading away from goal.

Chip Shot

Pretty self-explanatory. Though I won’t touch the chip shot unless the keeper is within a few inches of the penalty shot as otherwise he has time to get back and clear it. I generally find that unless you’re a long way out, 2 bars of power is enough to get it up and over.

Whilst i'm sure most people will generally know this info – it's more about showing you what the best areas are to use certain shots are – so that you can have a game plan when it comes to shooting – if you break it down to "in this area i use this shot" it'll help you have a much clearer mind in terms of what to do infront of goal.

I’ve made a visual explanation of this method elsewhere if you wanna check it out


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