brief review of tots Goretzka

FIFA19 7 - brief review of tots Goretzka

I have been using for 20 games now and was using his POTM card for close to 1000 games. Before his POTM I had his IF and NIF for another combined 300-400 games during the early game cycle. His 92 feels like a noticeable upgrade over his POTM especially with his shooting and aerial ability.

I used anchor chem on him because he really needs the additional strength, jumping, aggression and marking boost. I have been alternating between flat 433 and 4231 with Goretzka as a CM or a CDM.

The Good:

  • Height, pace, balance, and agility combo. In Fifa tall cards with good combination of balance, pace, and agility are very OP (i.e. Gullit). His manual tackling is not as hard as Vieira but he is more agile and you can chase anybody down with him and take the ball off of them
  • He is literally everywhere. I thought Gullit was everywhere but Goretzka is even more involved. One second he is in my box making the tackle, the next he is my furthest player forward running into the box in a counter attack. I've scored a few headers with him on the counters due to how he burts forward on counters
  • On air he is no Ronaldo or Ibra, but he holds his own with 86 jumping and 95 heading accuracy (with anchor). He towers over fullbacks and usually is in perfect position inside the box for a header from counters because opponent is busy marking my striker
  • His tackling is no Vieira but he is very effective at coming from the side and stealing the ball away with his long legs

The Bad:

  • He is weak. With anchor he only has 85 strength (with Sentinel would be 90 but the pace boost is better than 5 extra strength) and can not push people off the ball the same way Vieira or Gullit do. He is still very good at winning the ball coming from the side and stealing the ball away with a tackle
  • 3* skills is such a bummer on this card. He feels very limited around the box and can not create scoring opportunities for himself the same way Gullit can
  • He has very low marking (90 with anchor) for a CDM at this stage of the game. You can't let the game control him for you and he won't stay close to the opponent the same way Vieira does. He still makes interceptions on autopilot but If you don't control him, he loses the player he is supposed to mark. I control him when defending to chase down whoever is on the ball
  • His shooting is not the best, he is a lot better with his head than he he is with his feet at scoring
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Value For Coins

  • Compared to Gullit: he is better defensively but worse offensively. Overall he is not as good as Gullit but he has the same feeling of being everywhere on the pitch. However at a fifth of Gullit's cost, he is a good budget Gullit for CDM/CM.
  • Compared to Veira: Veira is better defensively but not as good as Goretzka offensively. At a third of Vieira's cost, he is pretty good value if you are looking for a CM. You can also play them together
  • Compared to PiM Matthaus: Matthaus is better and very similar to Goretzka but again at a third of Matthaus' cost, Goretzka is good value for coins
  • This card would be 1.5mil+ on the market if he was tradeable
  • With untradeable tots players in weekly objectives and WL rewards, you can knock 200-300k off the cost of the SBC

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