BUNDESLIGA SBC – Spreadsheet/Guide

FIFA19 2 - BUNDESLIGA SBC - Spreadsheet/Guide

Hi folks! After getting a great response on my last SBC guide post, here's the Bundesliga spreadsheet!

Few notes:

  1. As asked by some people, I've added the cost per team and the league in total.

  2. It's a personal spreadsheet. For some teams, I already had a couple of players (untradeable) so please be aware that the cost may be a bit higher (or even lower) for you, or different players are a better/cheaper choice for you.

  3. For most teams, I went with the highest rating as cheap as possible. The SBC's won't require the highest rating, but more often than not the higher rated players were cheaper/same price.
    If for example, a team has two strikers, a 76 and 79. If both players are 800 coins, I've bought the 79. If the difference in price is really small, like 200 coins, I've bought the 79. If it's a big price difference, I've gone for the lower rated player. I made sure to not let the team rating be affected to much.

  4. For Bayern, I kept the 81 rating just like PSG and Juventus have.

  5. Also, Bayern is a guestimate. I'm waiting for the rewards to drop to buy the Bayern players.

I hope you enjoy!


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