Carniball Hulk In-Depth Review (For those on the fence)

FIFA19 7 - Carniball Hulk In-Depth Review (For those on the fence)

I always love reading in depth reviews of SBC players before deciding to do them and I've seen a lot of people asking about this guy, so here goes. Hope this can help out some people on the fence about him! I'll try not to be too profane.

Stats: 31 games, 36 goals, 6 assists. Div 4.

Chemistry Style: Hunter

Position: Left Striker next to POTM Hazard & in front of Prime Nedved in a 352 and 41212-2. Maybe 3 games at CAM switched with Nedved.

Pace: 9/10. Hulk feels very rapid. If he gets in behind the defense with the hunter chem style, defenders won't catch up to him. I was a bit worried that his less than ideal balance being unboosted would lead him to feel clunky and slow, but I think him being relatively short with that balance (as compared to, say, Ibra or Talisca) makes it less impactful. Heel to heel flick boosts are very nice with Hulk because his high strength helps him shrug off any minor contact and zip right into the box. I never had a situation where I wished I had a faster Hulk during those 31 games.

Shooting: 9.999999/10. Now, the only reason that I won't give Hulk a 10 here is because of his 3 star weak foot, but I'll get to that in a minute. With hunter, Hulk has 91 positioning and 92 finishing and both of those stats shine. However, unsurprisingly, Hulk's KEY shooting stat is his unboosted 99 shot power along with 95 long shots. Hulk's left foot is a fucking cannon from hell. I have never used a player in FUT who can cunt the ball as ferociously as Hulk. I'm truly afraid that he might crack my TV screen every time a shot goes sailing over the bar. Out of his 36 goals, probably 10 of them were the kind that crack into the underside of the crossbar and divebomb into the ground next to the keeper. Unsaveable. To put it succinctly: HULK SMASH. His high shot power really benefits his WF as well. Since he can kick the tits off of a ball, his shots with his right (which he really avoids using tbh) are hit so fucking hard that they tend to remain on target unless they're outside of the box. That said, he doesn't get 10/10 because I'm pretty sure I haven't scored any longshots with his right, and if he hits it with his right they aren't too accurate. But again, that's rare. If you take a first time shot with Hulk and his left foot connects, it's going to slap the back of the net. I've never had a player where 75% of his goals end with the ball rolling back out of the net because he hit them so hard. Hulk smash, you cash.


Passing: 7/10. As you can see, Hulk doesn't have too many assists in those games. It's not because he's a bad passer (85 short passing, 78 long passing unboosted), but instead because when he gets the ball I hit the shoot button because I'm not a shit weasel. That said, he is great at distributing short passes into POTM Hazard and Nedved after holding up the ball. A few times his long passing let me down, but with the right chem style you could boost it to the 90s, plenty for a CAM if that's where you want him. Defending: N/A. No score here but I'll point out that Hulk is 5'11 and has 72 Jumping and 76 Heading Accuracy. Only 2 of his goals were headers but they were both great, accurate ones that surprised me. In the same game no less. Honestly, I didn't cross it to him much, and usually when I did his howitzer left boot would shit the dicks out of the ball and volley it into the corner, as it should be.

Dribbling: 8.5/10. I mentioned it earlier, but I'll say it again: DO NOT let his balance put you off. Hulk is a short fat cunt, low center of gravity and built like a brick shithouse. He doesn't fall over randomly as I've experienced with Ibra, CR7, Mid Socrates, and Talisca. Can't think of once. His Agility as well is a meh 78, but I haven't noticed it. Typically I do my dribbling with Nedved, Hazard, FB Pedro, etc. and work the ball to Hulk so he can fuck it into next week with his left foot. 89 Dribbling and 87 Reactions is wonderful unboosted. And as for composure, he is Richard Kuklinski in front of goal. Just get it onto his left and he'll kick the ball so hard the keeper won't have a chance. Hulk doesn't feel as clunky as his 84 IF, which I used quite a bit and always felt was very stiff on the ball.

Physical: 10/10. 89 Stamina, 86 aggression, 96 strength. Hulk could wrestle an alligator and fuck its brains out for 2 weeks straight with those stats. You would not want to get into a bar fight with this man. Ive seen him sit down FB Kompany like a child when Kompany got a hand on him. Doing skill moves with Hulk is great because contact from defenders doesn't put him off as much as other players. Hold up play? Forget about it. You can't get the ball from him. With Ibra, his strength is mitigated by his balance because he falls over so much. Hulk doesn't fall over. Hulk smash. Overall: 9/10. I love this card. He's made me enjoy the game for the past 31 games with his batshit shot power and strength. I got him for 120k plus some untradeables (RIP Josef Martinez) and I don't regret it a bit. Would easily pay 250k for this card now that I have it. Hulk gets ass.

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