Carniball Thiago vs. RTTF Renato Sanches / FUT Review Showdown (number heavy comparison)

FIFA19 1 - Carniball Thiago vs. RTTF Renato Sanches / FUT Review Showdown (number heavy comparison)


A few days ago the Carniball Thiago SBC was released. I was quite happy to see this SBC for one of my favorite players in real life football. The community however reacted mostly negative towards the card, because it is not exactly a META card. This motivated me to play a few FUT Champs games and keep track of several statistics for Thiago and another player that fits the META a bit more, RTTF Renato Sanches.

Team Setup and Context

In order to get a fair comparison I played Renato and Thiago in a formation with two CDMs. This makes sure they have the same opportunity to get involved in the game. The team was set up like this:

To calculate the different statistics I played 7 games, of which I won 5 and lost 2. These were my first 7 Fut Champs games for this weekend. I used an Anchor chem style on Thiago and the Powerhouse on Renato in order to combat some of their weaknesses.


Even though Thiago comes with an overall rating of 90, compared to the 84 of Renato, most people expect Renato to be more effective at CDM. This is due to him being better suited for the mechanics of a football video game. The two player types are quite different with Renato being clearly faster and more physical, while Thiago offers better passing and dribbling paired with 5 star skill moves.

Most people prefer players like Renato, but I was hoping that my play style would allow Thiago to be more effective. I usually focus on playing accurate short passes and building up play slowly, which should benefit a player with good technichal abilities.


Most important task for a CDM is winning the ball back in defense, and distributing it with high accuracy to the other players on the pitch. You want your CDMs to be involved in the game with lots of successful passes and dribblings, while turning over possession as rarely as possible. Therefore I chose the following measurements:

  1. completed passes per 90 minutes
  2. pass success rate
  3. completed dribblings per 90 minutes
  4. dribbling success rate
  5. possession won per 90 minutes
  6. possession overturned per 90 minutes
  7. possession won ratio (possession won divided by possession overturned)

Results and Conclusion

I summarized the results of my comparison in this table (better stat in bold text):

ThiagoRenato Sanches
completed passes per 9032.7934.18
pass success rate97%93%
completed dribblings per 9019.8521.30
dribbling success rate96%93%
possession won per 903.644.93
possession overturned per 902.732.22
possession won ratio1.332.22

The numbers show a clear picture and confirm what most of us already expected. Renato wins in 5 of the 7 categories. He was definitely more effective in his defending, winning possession almost 5 times per 90 minutes. In addition to that he was clearly more involved in the game averaging about 34 completed passes and 21 completed dribblings per 90 minutes.

Thiago could only beat Renato in two of the categories. These are pass success and dribbling success rate. This shows how good he is at retaining possession with a pass success rate of 97% and a dribbling success rate of 96%. With his medium/medium workrates and lower pace he just doesnt get involved as often as you would hope.

To summarize my results I have to admit that most people were right in their assessment of Thiago. He does not necessarily fit the game mechanics and if you are interested in getting the best possible results you should look for other players. This is true even for players like me, that focus on short passing and possession football. However I really enjoyed using Thiago during the games I played, and paired up with a CDM workhorse like Kante, Renato or Allan he is absolutely great to use.


Thanks to everyone that took time to read the whole post. I enjoyed doing this comparison of two players and I might take it even further in the future by playing a higher amount of games and including highlight videos of the players in question. If you have any recommendations or want me to compare specific players please leave a comment. Have a nice day.

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