Champions League & Europa League Road To The Final Cards Update – Round of Sixteen Completion, 14.03.19

FIFA19 9 - Champions League & Europa League Road To The Final Cards Update - Round of Sixteen Completion, 14.03.19

Well boys and girls, another round of European football action is almost over, and what a round it's been! From Rashford's tie winning penalty, to Ronaldo's one man 'F you' to Diego Simeone, to a perfect hat-trick by an even more perfect Olivier Giroud, it's certainly been a week of UEFA Champions League ® and UEFA Europa League ® action to remember.

Now kick back, relax, and enjoy a delicious pint of Gazprom ® as we look at just what's going to be happening to your Road to the Final Cards over the next 24-ish hours hopefullymaybe? , and what to expect should your players' teams progress further through their respective competitions.

The following tables contain Champions League and Europa League RTTF cards and their current statuses. If you don't see your card on either of the lists below, then guess what? They're not RTTF Live cards, and much like my niece and nephew now they've stopped being cute toddlers, I don't care about them.


Let's start with the Champions League cards.

PlayerTeamOriginal RatingRating after Round of 16 CompletionPotential Next RatingQualification For Quarter Finals
Benzema (ST)Real Madrid8689Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Fernandez (CB)Real Madrid8587Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Aurier (RB)Tottenham868889Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Sanchez (CB)Tottenham868990Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Philipp (ST)Borussia Dortmund8284Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Pulisic (RM)Borussia Dortmund8484Eliminated – No Upgrades At All LOL
Sanchez (LW)Manchester United889091Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Lingard (CAM)Manchester United848788Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Kimpembe (CB)PSG8586Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Cavani (ST)PSG9192Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Tagliafico (LB)Ajax828687Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Alex Telles (LB)Porto868889Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Florenzi (RB)Roma8487Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Aguero (ST)Man City909293Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Sterling (RW)Man City869192Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Fahrmann (GK)Schalke8586Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Sanches (CM)Bayern Munich8284Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Rodriguez (CM)Bayern Munich9090Eliminated – No Upgrades At All LOL
Fabinho (CDM)Liverpool868889Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Van Dijk (CB)Liverpool879192Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Suarez (ST)Barcelona939495Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Pique (CB)Barcelona889091Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Fekir (CAM)Lyon8687Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Cuadrado (RM)Juventus868889Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Douglas Costa (LM)Juventus888990Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades But Will Always Have Rubbish Finishing So, Y'Know, Bear That In Mind
Griezmann (ST)Atletico Madrid9092Eliminated – No Further Upgrades
Filipe Luis (LB)Atletico Madrid8788Eliminated – No Further Upgrades

And now onto the slightly less attractive (but will still do the job after a couple of pints) siblings, the Europa League RTTF cards. Again, these are only for teams who have competed in the Round of 16. Mathieu (Sporting Lisbon), Milinkovic-Savic (Lazio), Tah (Bayer Leverkusen) and Hamsik (buggered off to the Chinese Super League) said bye-bye in previous rounds and are no longer in the competition or eligible for upgrade.

PlayerTeamOriginal RatingRating after Round of 16 CompletionPotential Next RatingQualification For Quarter Finals
Marcos Alonso (LB)Chelsea848889Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Ben Yedder (ST)Sevilla8687Eliminated – That Was A Wild Ride, Wasn't It?
Gerard Moreno (ST)Villareal868889Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Pizzi (CM)Benfica868889(Pretty Much) Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Kondogbia (CM)Valencia868889Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Rebic (ST)Eintracht Frankfurt848788Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Mkhitaryan (CAM)Arsenal868990Qualified – Chance of Further Upgrades
Perisic (LM)Internazionale8788Eliminated – No Further Upgrades


Will there be any more cards added?

Your guess is as good as mine. But we all know EA love money and nothing else to give us more exciting content to keep us docile and submissive engaged! Praise be to our benevolent overlords! 😀

How come some of the upgrades don't make sense?

You can thank Winter Upgrades for that.


Here, read this.

My guy missed a game or two. Will he still get the upgrade?

Football is a team game, son. You bet your ass he'll get that upgrade.

When can I expect my TOTGS cards to be upgraded?

You can't.

When are the quarter finals?

The draw will take place on Friday 15th March. The week beginning April 8th will host the first legs, while the second legs will be played the week of April 15th.

Any shameless plugs this week, Dav?

A couple. The mod team's Community Feedback Poll is still ongoing, and the voting is pretty close at the moment. You never know, your vote could be the one that sways a category.

Also, which I'm well buzzing about, we're opening up memes back into the sub. Check that post here.

But I have another question… can I make a new thread entirely for my one, single, solitary question or is there somewhere else – perhaps like a larger thread that covers a wider topic – one that may be full of information related to the topic, that I could ask it in?

….. sigh. And on that note…

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