Champions League rights – A major miss on EA’s part

FIFA19 8 - Champions League rights - A major miss on EA's part

In 2018, EA got the rights for UEFA CL and EL, which was obviously one of their main selling points in their ads. We all know the SBC's, the TOTGS, and the CL Kick off as well as CL and EL in Career mode. This is all great, but I have no idea why they did not a CL tournament mode in FUT. Ultimate team is EA's biggest money maker and they waste the UEFA rights.

Why isn't there a CL tournament in FUT? This seems like a no brainer to me. EA literally could have imported the FIFA 18 WC mode ( they imported 90% of FIFA 18 anyway) and just brand it to CL and it would require so little effort. Give it different rewards daily or something, maybe a 25k pack for winning and heck if they wanna be greedy just make it untradeable. They could even use Europa League, same format but different rules/requirements. Remember FIFA 17 and 18 where the daily knockout tournament would sometimes have a rule such as Max 3 Gold players or 5 Serie A players or something among those lines? Why did they just throw that shit away?


The game obviously is not dying, I'm not saying it is, however another mode like this where you don't lose anything for defeats and you have it all to gain would genuinely make the world of difference to FUT. For me at least. Near the beginning of FIFA 19, Rank one in any division was usually around 32k points. Now its 20k. That alone should tell you how many people aren't playing the game as much. Of course, it is also tied into the rewards system but thats a whole other topic. So please EA, for FIFA 20 at least, add more game modes, especially ones that are not extremely competitive.

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TLDR Add a CL tournament mode in FUT. Just copy paste the WC mode into Ultimate team.

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