CSL SBC Player Reward – Oscar & Renato Augusto

FIFA19 2 - CSL SBC Player Reward - Oscar & Renato Augusto

Hey r/FIFA, I haven't seen a review of the CSL SBC player rewards Oscar or Renato Augusto on here yet, and with many of y'all rocking Brazilian squads, I figured I would give y'all all my thoughts after 100 games played with each card. I completed the CSL SBC twice as soon as it was released, and therefore the cost was around 100k for each player, however after selling some of the silver players from the packs you get, I managed to complete both Oscar and Renato Augusto for a total cost of 50k together after selling everything worthy.

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CSL SBC Solution Cost: 78,100 (FUTBIN SOLUTION (PS4)) – FUTBIN CSL SBC Solution

Chemistry Styles: Oscar – Deadeye, Renato Augusto – Powerhouse

Positioning Formation: 4-2-3-1 – Courtois (GK), Tierney (LB), Ramos (LCB), Varane (RCB), Alves (RB), Paulinho (LCDM), Augusto (RCDM), Talisca (LCAM), Oscar (CCAM), Hulk (RCAM), Pato (ST)

Competition Use: Weekend League, Division Rivals (Div 3/4)


Oscar: 6/10 – Oscar has 75 sprint speed, and its defiantly noticeable. I found his pace to be a big weakness in-game with the inability to catch up to the opposition. Additionally, Oscar will not be able to have though balls played up to him as he will simply not keep up, I suggest the main way to play with him is to use intelligent build up play rather than expecting him to keep up in terms of pace.

Renato Augusto: 6/10 – Augusto has a somewhat ordinary pace for a CDM with 71 sprint speed. Personally, I found his pace to be not much of a disadvantage as he does most of the time, keep up with the opposition. I have tactics set for him to stay back on attack meaning I don't tend to have him running back from attack to defence very often meaning I don't notice his pace being only 71.


Oscar: 9/10 – Oscar has 97 shooting with the chemistry style I use 'Deadeye', and it often comes up handy. I found his positioning in particular being remarkable as many times he has come up clutch with a goal from simply being positioned correctly. Oscar has 98 finishing and 97 shot power which I find noticeable with the bullet strikes he sends to the top corners. Having an average of a goal every 3 games, I find his shooting to be one of his better aspects to the card.

Renato Augusto: 7/10 – Augusto's longshots have been a killer for my opponents. His 88 long shots infact feels like a 95+ as he can let it rip from a fair distance and often they do shoot in to the net. Augusto has 88 shot power and 84 volleys which I found noticeable and in which came in handy in many occasions during his 100 games.


Oscar: 10/10 – Oscar has been my favourite and best passer I have ever played with in my opinion. With the chemistry style 'Deadeye', his passing reaches an elite 93 with 99 short passing, 99 vision, and 88 curve. Honestly, Oscar is an assist machine. I average around 40+ passes with him per 70 minutes each game which shows as he has recorded 70 assists in 100 games for me. He is always feeding my striker or wingers upfront while also positioning himself for a supporting back pass too. His pivoting is also amazing as if he is stuck from the oppositions pressure he will pivot with perfection to offload a pass. Oscars through balls up to Flashback Pato in striker has proved deadly with Oscars vision. His passing has really been something to admire and is something that will definitely assist you in winning games.

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Renato Augusto: 10/10 – Augusto also has insane level passing with it being 93 with the chemistry style 'Powerhouse' and containing 99 short passing, 96 long passing, and 96 vision. I have found his long passing to stand out the most as Augusto has racked up a number of assists by laying a long over the top through ball to Flashback Pato to latch on to. His short passing is also phenomenal as often I play though Augusto to link my defence and attack. I found his quick tiki-taka like passing between himself, Oscar and Paulinho in particular to be outstanding.



Oscar: 9/10 – I have found Oscar to be a sensational dribbler of the ball with the ability to keep the ball nice and tight while cutting in and out wherever he may be. 86 dribbling and 91 agility makes him one of the better dribblers on my squad. Its assuring to not have to constantly think about the next pass Oscar is going to make when I can just take it up on my own with confidence and make space that way which often surprises my opponent. I found Oscars agility to be the real key to the success I have with the player as he alway gets through the defenders and 2v1s with ease as he feels smooth in-game.

Renato Augusto: 7/10 – 84 dribbling with 86 ball control and 86 reactions is not bad for my CDM Augusto. I find him to be relatively smooth on the ball and he has the ability to react if received an awkward pass. However, Augusto's 70 agility and 70 balance is a bit of a let down and it does occasionally show in-game. I found Augusto to be quite stiff and one-dimensional however in saying this, overall his other dribbling stats do partly make up for it. He is able to dribble up the field with tight ball control if required. Its no Oscar, but he is a decent dribbler.


Oscar: 3/10 – His downside is his defending, he definitely struggles in this category and it is noticeable. Even with his 58 defending I found both his 54 standing tackle and 49 sliding tackle to be disappointing and it has shown for me as he has received a somewhat astonishing 12 yellow cards in 100 games. I do have him set to come balanced on defence so I don't tend to have to use him for 'vital' defending situations.

Renato Augusto: 8/10 – This is may be what has impressed be the most about Renato Augusto, his tremendous defence. He wins almost every tackle he attempts with his 92 standing tackle which is the same rating as Ramos. I have had countless situations where my opponents and gotten though my team however Augusto is always there to make the decisive tackle. However, his sliding tackle has been a downside for me… personally being an aggressive player and liking to try a slide tackle, I have found his timing to be off which has led to 21 yellow cards and 2 red cards in 100 games which is a joke. I do find Augusto's positioning and interceptions of defence to be elite which has let to numerous game-winning moments.

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Oscar: 3/10 – This has to be one of Oscar's bigger flaws as he gets pushed off the ball over 50% of the time. His 41 strength and 46 aggression really does show in-game and therefore I have found the best way to counter this it by doing little quick passing rather than have him holding onto the ball for too long. Having through balls sent to him is useless as the oppositions defence will push him off with ease. His stamina of 82 is reasonable however I have him come off at the 70 minute mark.

Renato Augusto: 7/10 – Augusto has surprisingly decent physically stats and it has been noticeable for me in-game. He has 76 physicality with 80 strength and 61 aggression. For me he has been bossing the midfield for me with Paulinho and is often able to withstand a moderate sized striker like Lewandolski and wins the ball the majority of the time however if faced with Fabinho or Lukaku, you will need to get in front of them for the tackle rather than shoulder to shoulder.


I think that completing the CSL SBC is 100% worth it and 100% worth to complete it twice to get both Oscar and Renato Augusto. The endless CSL links available for these two are sensational (Hulk Paulinho, Talisca, Pato, Hernanes, Carrasco). If you are unable to fit either in your team, I even suggest using both as super subs with Oscar being the playmaking god and Renato Augusto the tackling beast. Considering the lack of Brazilian central mids in the game, I highly recommend using these two in your squad as they provide an alternative aspect to your squad. With the reasonably cheap pricing for the CSL SBC and with the chance of even making profit, I believe this is a no-risk SBC to complete as I can assure you'll love the beast you'll get. In terms of choosing one, I would personally go with Oscar, clutchly edging Augusto due to the unbelievable passing ability of Oscar.

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