Day 80 of Finesse Shot Simulator 2019 – If you can’t beat them…

FIFA19 9 - Day 80 of Finesse Shot Simulator 2019 - If you can’t beat them...

(Edit: My last post if you were wondering

After my last post things have gotten worse for me. Following the finesse shot incident at work I haven’t been able to find a new job. But I have a plan. I will become a eSports player!

After watching the EA competitive event stream on twitch and listening to some pros I found out the keys to success are practise, maintaining focus, and about £15,000. Money is currently not too much of an issue for me as I invested heavily in unopened Lego Sets in 2006 plus I ‘acquired’ two replica Rhino horns from the Natural History Museum but I’m getting off topic.

I first needed to become good at the game. The pros have amazing teams so I set aside the afternoon and evening to work through my 2,250,000 FIFA points. After 38 minutes I had spent them all but I had got some high rated pulls, David Silva, Veratti and even Hummels! I managed to make 16,000,000 coins from discarding stuff mainly.

I quickly bought Pele and Ronaldo, leaving me with 24k and still wanting Gullit, Eusebio, Ronaldinho, Viera plus a defence. This was looking like another 25,000,000 million coins so I thought I should play some matches to try and earn it. I managed to do it, getting 700 coins every 20 minute match it only took 496 full days of non stop FIFA! Of course I’m pulling your arm that would be literally impossible, my only option was to sell my 6 Unopened immaculate condition Lego Star Wars 10179 Millennium Falcon sets, and open more packs.


It’s a good job my wife decided we should ‘have a break for while’ after I finesse shotted my Neighbour’s British Shorthair through the upstairs window, because I’m not sure I could afford Christmas this year!

Finally I was ready to play! I’m not great so I was in division 10, however straight from the kick off I got it to Cruyff. R1 + O. Goal. It was that easy. I was surely unbeatable now. I’d become the man I once loathed. The finesse shot was mine. I would soon learn how to do timed finishing, but for now, I was on top of the world. If you can’t beat them… join them!

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I went on to concede from the following kick off then again from his kick off at half time, eventually losing 2-1, but the feeling of scoring a finesse shot against a rookie 14 year old with a team whose cost was just short of the amount Everton paid for Seamus Coleman was unrivalled. I can’t wait to win my wife back when I show her the reply I uploaded to YouTube! I’ll keep you updated…

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