Day 83 of Finesse Shot Simulator 2019 – Faith restored!

FIFA19 3 - Day 83 of Finesse Shot Simulator 2019 - Faith restored!

If you’ve no idea what’s happening I recommend reading this…

At the end of my last post I said I was going to show my wife the finesse shot replay in a bid to win her back.

I’m not sure whether she liked it. I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

I first thought she was in disbelief that I pulled off such a good shot but I’m not too convinced thinking back to it now. Although I definitely didn’t catch her at the right time, she was very angry and saying all sorts of nonsense things like ‘what was the point of showing me this’, ‘you’re a 34 year old adult’ and ‘no child should have to watch their beloved family pet coming hurtling through their bedroom window.’ I think it was just the stress talking, she said she was half way through an important meeting when I told her I needed to speak to her urgently, so that’s probably it.

After that disappointment I felt lost. In a fit of rage I did the unthinkable; no I didn’t finesse any pets, I’ve been formally told to stay well away from Mr Bubbles so fear not. Instead I did much worse, listing up my entire team without checking the current lowest buy it nows on FUTBIN. It felt dangerous, I felt alive. I hadn’t had a kick like it since the infamous 2:00am eBay bidding war on the good as new with original instruction manual 10030 LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer set. I may have gained an arch enemy when I lost to L***8 that time but now there was only one winner, the guy sitting in the 2011/12 Wigan Athletic training kit, listing players like there’s no tomorrow. ‘Take that EA’, I thought, ‘I don’t need these superficial virtual cards to give MY life purpose!’


After an hour I decided to buy my whole team back. Thankfully EA charge just the 5% tax on their self created in game currency so I only lost 2 million coins. But not to worry, like Guy Fawkes and his Gunpowder Plot I had a flawless plan that would blow away my rivals. I would become a trader!

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As a novice I consulted a professional FIFA trader from twitter. I told him about my plans – I would make money off FUTMAS by investing for an Akanji SBC, predicting it would be around 100k.

He said I was stupid, that EA would never charge that much for a low 80s rated card, it would only reinforce the idea they are out of touch with their community and create all content from the view point of increasing pack sales. I suggested investing for a potential 50k Emiliano Rigoni SBC instead.

He blocked me.

As it turns out I was RIGHT about the SBCs and did them both straight away – who’s the stupid one now…

After moving on from that guy I found someone from Bucharest in Romania who was offering to be incredibly helpful. He said he’d log into my account and actually trade for me! To my shock he didn’t even want anything in return, this is the kind of good deed I needed after the week I’d had. He’s restored my faith in the FIFA community! I’ll be sure to post again when I find out just how much money he’s made me! As long as you all promise not to be too jealous…

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