De Bruyne (KDB) review: the GOAT CAM

FIFA19 6 - De Bruyne (KDB) review: the GOAT CAM

I play 4231. The endless vortex that is Div 5. Gold 3 (I stop there, usually after ~20 games). I don't have the coins for 1m plus icons or CR7. So consider this an "every man's" review – here's looking at you Christmas newcomers).

My team: < Aguero || SIF Anderson- KDB - SIF Mahrez || Kante - Pogba || Marcelo - Ramos - Varane - SIF Lala || Courtois >.

Kevin De Bruyne (KDB): 5* WF, 4* skills, H/H. Chem: Hawk (I prefer the strength + aggression boost). Performance: 31 games, 32 goals, 14 assists. Div 5 + WL. All from CCAM.

I've tried a lot of different options at Central CAM, including most of the r/FIFA non-icon favorites.

Edit: As of this post on PS4 he’s under 300k. Obviously not comparable to the 1m+ Del Pieros. But I can’t afford them, and I’m guessing most of you can’t either.

Kevin De Bruyne is the best by country miles.

And not because he's a one player cheat code – but rather because he makes my team so much better, and gives me the confidence to do regular football things amazingly well:

1. Pick any pass you like, ground or air.

The weight is perfect, the curve is ideal, and the split between defenders is slide rule like. That goes for crosses, driven crosses and lobbed passes too. I find myself looking up early (co-op camera) and going for the pass. Aguero is a goal a game, and KDB can find him in the dark.

2. His shooting (especially distance) has unshackled me.

I used to play Pogba, after reading this sub. By comparison, Pogba couldn't hit a barn door. Marauding into the 25 , especially when someone is chasing back with Fabinho and trying not to crack their defensive line, KDB begs you to shoot off either 5* perfect foot – and it can be power flair (L2), power low driven (L1+R1), flair finesses (L2+R1) or the much maligned pure distance Finesse (R1). Learn the right weight (takes a few games to master, so be patient) and an endless stream of goals will be your reward. He's score hattricks in a quarter of the games he's played for me now. I dare the defense to stand off and play deep. This is something pogba, mertens, dybala, and Messi couldn't offer me throughout the game (his stamina is Herculean, so you don't need to sub him). Once opponents see me going for it, they start stepping out to shut him down. And that brings Aguero and the tricky wingers in through the gaps, via an impeccable pass.

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A lot of advice on this sub revolves around either high agility squirming CAM play (ala mertens , Messi etc) , or brute Force speed play (ala Butra, Mbappe). I can't play that way. I want my CAM to pass and shoot.

3. Positioning – the pass and move King.

His H/H work rates don't bother me at all. In fact in the 4231 I like that he comes back to pick the pocket of the CDMs when they are besieging my box. Once he's got the ball , he's a strong runner. Better than my other players, after laying off a pass to the other CMs, he gets a burst of pace, as he looks for space. And so he's someone you can trust throughout the buildup. One of the best things that helped me was learning to pass back to my CDMs constantly to take my time, and move my pressing opponents around. KDBs positioning during this passing dance is perfect. And he doesn't stop running. Compared to slouchy pogba , he's changed the chemistry of my mid field in possession.

4. Agility , Balance and Strength –

KDB is a strong runner , with decent combo of strength and balance. Using L1 dribbling, and some healthy L2 shielding, I can take my time. Pogba is the best in this dimension, but can't pack the shooting punch. You don't have to rush with KDB, and that makes the game more fun for me.

5. Defense – he's bang average here. But better than the weak agiles little guys that many on this sub prefer. No complaints, but I wouldn't run him as a B2B CDM either.

Overall, he's the most valuable player on my team, in goal contributions of course, but more importantly in how he enables me to approach the game.

I used to struggle against very narrow and park the bus opponents. I used to struggle when I couldn't get the ball into the box through the sea of Varanes and Ramos' and Fabinhos. FIFA was less fun when I didn't have a real threat standing on the 25 , threatening with a full suite of deadly options.

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I passed on the Futmas KDB recently, because my Gold version is already God, I didn't want to lock up untradeable value.

He’s relatively cheap (under 300k). Go buy him.

Then spend a little while learning to use him (slow down, and don't Sprint!). You'll thank me later.

Thanks for reading.

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