Dear EA, some honest questions.

FIFA19 1 - Dear EA, some honest questions.

UPDATE: I posted the following thread today:

I also tweeted the link to the known EA representatives and Corey responded:
r2IyF0q - Dear EA, some honest questions.

If you have any video footage and/or context of any of the issues I highlighted in my original thread or have footage of an issue I didn't talk about, please post below or send me a message. I will make a list of issues with evidence to pass through.


Dear EA, I'm a huge fan of the FIFA franchise and I have been since FIFA '99. I play the game daily, but I have some questions about the game I would love an answer to.

  1. Why is navigating in the game menus so slow?
  2. How come the name/power/stamina bar at the bottom of the screen sometimes suddenly disappears?
  3. How come I often can't open the menu to select a new player to take a free kick when pressing and holding R2?
  4. How come the teammate I pass to sometimes jumps over the ball or lets it go through his legs instead of controlling it?
  5. How come I often can't select the player closest to the ball?
  6. Why does the referee frequently not whistle when an attacking player without the ball is taken down in the defending box?
  7. How come I sometimes get matched with people from Arabian countries while I live in Belgium?
  8. Why does the quicksub box always suggest that I put on a CDM to sub my CAM, instead of suggesting another CAM to come on instead?
  9. Why do passes sometimes go in a completely different direction than I aimed?
  10. Why does it sometimes happen that my players, in a random timeframe during the match, suddenly react slower, run slower and give way more bad passes?
  11. Why do corner kicks often end up in various locations in the box while my target, power and kick taker are almost always the same?
  12. How come it is easier to score a goal from a 180° spin than it is to score a non-timed finesse shot?
  13. How come my players just fall over instead of doing a sliding tackle when pressing square on my controller?
  14. How come my player sometimes just sticks out his foot, but lunges a great distance at other times when performing a standing tackle with the same level of power?
  15. How come players sometimes refuse to run towards a loose ball close to them?
  16. How come tall defenders sometimes don't even attempt to jump for a header when instructed?
  17. How come injury time often goes to +4 instead of the indicated +2, while the ball has been in the middle of the pitch for a few passes already?
  18. How come I often don't get the ball after performing a successful standing/sliding tackle?
  19. How come my defender sometimes just sticks to the attacker like a magnet instead of running past as instructed?
  20. How come you never communicate with us, while we are the ones you need?

I'm going to keep it at 20 for now, hoping to get an answer to at least some of these questions. I'm sure other people here will have more questions to add.

I love the franchise, the promos are great (even though I live in Belgium, never spent money on FIFA points anyway and I disliked the OP Icons), but the gameplay has really been neglected for the past few years.

Thanks in advance.

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