Despite I’m not good at it, this year FUT is the most joy I’ve had playing FIFA in years. Here’s why

FIFA19 4 - Despite I'm not good at it, this year FUT is the most joy I've had playing FIFA in years. Here's why

I've been FIFA player since 2004 and started to play FUT since 15. I've played every FIFA game considerable amount except for FIFA 17, but it was because I lived in China and didn't have decent internet connection (and because I don't enjoy playing against CPU at all).

First of all I need to clarify, that I live in country that has awesome internet speeds so I never expire any lag or delay, if that would be the case I definitely would be on "FIFA is seed of satan" bandwagon.

So why I like this game so much? Basically because finally Senegal has 75 rated goalkeeper and Keita Balde is RM. All years before, I've always tried to make "fun" team, that I love (which would be Senegal squad), but every time, because Senegal didn't had goalkeeper and usually all wings from this country were either left or right, I gave up quickly and just built pace abusive squad. It usually kept me interested in FIFA till November, and then maybe once gain in Spring. When I was playing FUT, I was rebuilding and wasting coins all the time. Basically main emotion that I felt was frustration.

This year EA were really grateful and gave me fantastic goalkeeper at A. Gomis and right wing at K. Balde so I didn't had any more excuses (although they kept Kara Mbodji from the game, which I still feel furious about). I played with my Senegalese squad from the start of the FUT and it's equally exciting even after slightly less than 300 games. Why? Here is few reasons.

  1. You always feel underdog, hence no pressure when start the game.
  2. Similarly you just can feel how your opponent with his sweaty (or should I say finesse-shot-ready) BPL squad feel frustrated when he simply can't go past trough your Koulibaly-Sane wall. Or when Demba Ba scores a winner after a fantastic build up play (or a deflection after Gueye shot)
  3. You must find solution from "inside" rather than "outside". When I'm on loosing streak, I try to find other formations, players that I haven't tried before. It's fun, because you seem to know all your options since day one, but then you try someone like 72 rated CB Pape Abou Cisse in 3-5-3 formation. Later you see that it's horrible decision and you've already lost six games in a row, but then you come back to 4-4-2 formation (which you played only at the beginning of the game) and play Demba Ba with Babacar (which you've basically never played before) and you win seven or so games in a row! It's amazing.
  4. You get to watch SPAL and Sassuolo games because you hope that Gomis or Babacar performs well and gets IN Form card which is your only way to really increase a level of the squad.
  5. Also the amount of excitement when you see that I. Sarr plays as a ST! (OMG.. if he would get an IF he would be the answer to all of my problems!!!) and amount of disappointment you get when you understand that K. Balde will get and IF, but it will be as a LM and you don't need it because you already have your mane and niang (omg, how random and pivotal was FUT SWAP Niang this year!) on that position.
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There's more factors that make me smile every time I turn on FIFA this year and makes me think about this game after I turn it off. I think everyone should find these factors and embrace them, eventually it will crush your frustrations with this game.

Right now I'm waiting for Thursday, which is my only chance to get FUTmas Senegal player. (Hopefully it will be CF Sarr.)

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