Disgraceful lack of Communication

FIFA19 3 - Disgraceful lack of Communication

I am sick and tired of the complete lack of communication from the devs and representatives of this game. Week after week we are blindsided by obvious money grabs and game-breaking changes without any sort of response except an occasional in-depth explanation of the newest terrible patch. This game brings in a ridiculous amount of money to EA and I believe that the least they could do is drop by on the subreddit or maybe some DICE devs could and show that they are listening to us and that serious issues are being noted.

The crazy part is, that level of communication exists in other EA games, I am a concurrent player of the 2017 Battlefront 2 and following the extreme lash-back from the community regarding the game's p2w system pre-launch, (record downvotes on EA response to Battlefront 2) they overhauled the entire system before the official launch and the devs have been hard at work at constructing the game that we all hoped for with weekly transmissions on the subreddit where they respond to comments and issues and their projected plans for the future of the game. I don't understand why we cannot have that for FIFA, this game has a worldwide fan-base that brings in billions of $$$ even weekly I'm sure and we aren't even acknowledged by the people that are behind this game, they seem clueless.


Now, I understand that many of the resources are going into the daily content that EA pushes out and I applaud their effort in that regard since it seems to be an efficient system. However, the majority of that content now is just brand new sets of cards designed to make people want to open packs, and while I understand that has always been the underlying goal in every FUT promotion, they have gotten to the point to where nobody that plays this game can even afford these new promos. What's the point? Who are these Optimus Icons made for? Why can't they tell us? How did we allow them to get away with advertising "Prime" Icons for all this time just to pull a sneaky and slap in the face of anyone who completed Prime Icon SBCs early in this year for the hope of completely a Prime Icon that they really wanted later. Now I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of people with Prime Nakta or Baresi or even Nedved who are looking at this 1.6mil RVN SBC and wondering if there will ever be an SBC where they will finally be able to dispense their untradeable icons because now for many people that hoped for a Prime Dinho similar to last year to deposit some of these players in are now wondering how many more millions of coins something like that is going to cost, and nobody has a clue.

I believe that EA is taking advantage of our love of football to make as much money as possible while sweeping the core "broken-ness" of this game under the rug. This is a call to action to those EA gamechangers and influencers and even anyone who plays this game…DEMAND COMMUNICATION, EA should not be allowed to think that they can get away with anything and everything they decide to do to this game because this prime icon nonsense could even be considered false advertising, and I think that is unacceptable. So please, tweet out EA Sports, tweet out the devs, make videos demanding that someone can communicate and coordinate withe community, because I believe that this is outrageous.

That's the end of my rant, my tl;dr is simply to pressure EA into giving us communication or to at least show they are listening so that this game can be improved and that some of this new nonsense can be explained. Thank you for reading.

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