Div 8 player – My first Fifa 20 WL review

FIFA19 4 - Div 8 player - My first Fifa 20 WL review

Stats & Squads

Result: 11-17 / Silver 1


Pukki – No real surprise here, a good finisher and decent passer. Won me singlehandedly few games here and there. Should be decent enough for me until i pack someone better.

Immobile – Honestly thought Cavani would do better. He has been superior in Rivals. Happy surprise nevertheless, won me a lot of games by himself.

Big Disappointments

Sancho – After packing him on thursday I had high hopes form him. He was destroying me left and right during the first weeks of fut and was too expensive for me to try out. Needless to say, it didn't turn the way I expected. 0 goals in 14 games.

Brocovic – Hard choice between him and Verratti. But Verratti was somewhat useful throughout the 14 games he played. Unlike his teammate. Brocovic was completely useless in dfense and attack until the last 5 games where he scored a few goals. He is the first one to walk out the door alongside Lecomte after disappointing weekend.


Game 1 (L 0-9) – Not the start I wanted nor expected. After consistently finishing Gold 3 last Fifa I was prepared for a tough competition but didn't expect to get absolutely hammered in my first game. 6 goals conceded 20 minutes in, was tempted to just forfeit and move on but was too keen to get atleast 1 goal. It never happened.


Game 3 (L 3-4) – Got my first goal, and a second really soon afterwards. Fastforward to 85th minute and the game is 2-2 with his corner. He takes it quickly and his forward just heads it in past my keeper. Flashbacks of Anfield 2019 glimpse in my eyes as Benzema celebrates the winning goal. It was not meant to be.

Game 4 (W 2-1) – First win of the weekend is always special, even this one gave me such joy. The game was a shitfest. Almost no shots at goal and 87' chance for Vardy 1 on 1 and he gives me the 2-1 score. Never jumped out of my chair and fistpumped the air so much though.

Game 28 (W 2-1) – Just like all mediocre stories end in RNG bs, so does this. 2 lucky rebound goals in first 10 minutes only to be followed by his sweaty goal. Rest of the game was just midfield pingpong as neither side held on the ball for too long.


I had a great weekend with this journey. My rewards won't be good but hey, neither am I. Looking forward to the changes I can make to the squad and would love to hear your suggestions and weekend stories aswell. Now I'll be returning back to Division 8 to see what surprises await me there and maybe show them new tricks I learned along this trip.

Thanks to everyone who was part of this weekend, I enjoyed every game.

GGWP guys!

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