Does Anyone Else Remember?

FIFA19 10 - Does Anyone Else Remember?


  • Does anyone else remember when this game was fun to play online?
  • Does anyone else remember not having to deal with responsiveness issues every other games in near enough all game modes?
  • Does anyone else remember when created set pieces could be used at a click of the D-Pad and included being able to determine starting positions for players and what runs they would make for the corner?
  • Does anyone remember when EA improved Goalkeeper AI in the next iteration of FIFA? Nope, me neither.

Ultimate Team:

  • Does anyone else remember when there was no competitive scene/ FUT Champions and thus you could go into every game to have fun and not have to abuse every broken mechanic under the sun to give yourself a chance?
  • Does anyone else remember Online Tournaments such as the Gold, Silver and Bronze cups which gave people a chance to use all card types rather than just the META Players?
  • Does anyone else remember Daily Knockout Tournaments/Tournaments rewards which gave you different rewards such as unique player cards (Futties Konoplyanka, Aubameyang and Reus in FIFA 16 being prime examples) and rewards that scaled up each time you won a tournament meaning that people were encouraged to play multiple tournaments due to getting better rewards the more times they won it?
  • Does anyone else remember when "Prime" Icons were actually "Prime" icons and were not playing second fiddle to the Cash Grab that was Optimus Prime Icons?
  • Does anyone else remember when Division Rivals didn't exist and you got rewarded for every 10 games rather than once a week (although I do agree 15k for Division 1 was too little a reward for the highest division)?
  • Does anyone else remember trade offers?
  • Does anyone else remember 25k premium league upgrade SBC's that could mean we could grind to open packs at a slightly cut price cost rather than these new SBC's released last night that are a complete coin sink?
  • Does anyone else remember when Marquee Matchups rewarded us with cool rewards such as guaranteed 81+ TOTW players rather than just packs and UCL 3 player packs?
  • Does anyone else remember when TOTS was the peak and what everyone saved up for at the start of every year?
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Career Mode:

  • Does anyone else remember when career mode was a thriving game mode and not a copy and paste project every year?
  • Does anyone else remember when you could request funds to help achieve a certain objective in Career Mode?
  • Does anyone else remember when you could choose sponsors and this would generate more transfer budget and income for your career mode team?
  • Does

The Journey:

  • Does anyone else remember when the journey was good? No, I don't either.

Menus/Other Features:

  • Does anyone else remember the menus feeling really quick and responsive back in FIFA 13?
  • Does anyone else remember the Create-A-Team Option in FIFA's 07-14 where you could design your own team and put them into a league for a career mode or just to use versus your friends?
  • Does anyone else remember when you could have practice matches as well as practise set pieces in the arena rather than just basic 1v1's versus the keeper in FIFA 19?
  • Does anyone else remember when we had a Classic XI that we could use in Kick-Off, so we could use some star players of the past without having to pump money or a tonne of time into Ultimate Team to get to use some of them on there.
  • Does anyone else remember when Classic Kits were in the game and were usable around all game modes?
  • Does anyone else remember when you had a stadium background on the menus rather than a generic and dull white one like on FIFA 19?

I could go on…

Does anyone remember when FIFA was last actually cared about by the development team?

Does anyone remember when the FIFA development team actually cared about us as consumers of their game? Because I am struggling to at the moment with the state this game is in.

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