Dump and Chase, Semi-Brexit Football Guide! The Ultimate Defensive Tactic.

FIFA19 8 - Dump and Chase, Semi-Brexit Football Guide! The Ultimate Defensive Tactic.

FIFA is the name. DEFENSE if the GAME

Welcome to my quick guide on what I like to call 'Dump and Chase' football. The most modernized supreme defensive approach to the beautiful game. After my sabbatical from FIFA, I bought and spent some time playing that Ice puck game called NHL 19 (yes it's shit too). I soon enough adapted my love of the prior Hoof Knockdown strategy into a different environment. One where I could freely smash my opponents for the entirety of the game and launch of puck blindly up the ice in hopes to start an attack. Then it hit me. Why not convert this beautiful play style back into FIFA, so my fellow piers could experience some extra variety in their game. So here it is.

Why Dump and Chase football you may ask? Well if you're not already tired of this repetitive momentum driven shit of a game then click away. Dump and Chase relies on an overly heavy defensive formation/team with about 7-9 Full backs and 1-3 Forwards, where once you win possession over in your half you simply spam the B/O button and hoof the ball into the opponents half and hope for the best. It's a fairly simple approach to the game which cuts out a lot of bullshit. 90% of your game is defense, and if you don't love it already you will love it after trying this. The other 10% is using your pacey strikers to chase the ball around their backline and force a mistake.

Why not lobbed through ball or Long pass?It's simple really. Long passes/through balls in this game as you may know are often sided to your opponents defense. For example, it's why you're almost always challenged/beaten in the air on long passed up the middle (maybe not if you have Ibra) and why lobbed through balls are almost always going right to the keepers hands. The game has pre determined outcomes the second the ball leaves your foot in your half which is why quite often you will hear the commentator announce something like 'And a save from the keeper' while the ball isn't even at the peak in the air. Yes, scripting.

A ton of factors come into play on using the clearance button to smash it up instead of the other options. The most important one is Clearing it does not automatically lock balls to defenders nor attackers. What's this mean? It means it has a lot higher probability to land into open space between the defense which in that case you are just a foot race to chase after it between the defender. So when you throw 2 pacey mother fuckers up top you will be finding the ball a lot more frequently than just brexit balling it up. Also the defenders bullshit pace catching up to your striker does NOT come into factor until you re-retain possession with your striker. Which quite often by the time you get the ball from a hoof, you are already in a lot of space or long gone and have plenty of time in on net before he the defender catches up. The clear button creates a lot of sloppy mistakes and bounces with defenders when they're dealing with it first time which results is more opportunities for yourself.

How to play Dump and Chase

I have very few rules to follow. You must take a simple and relaxed approach to your game, try to enjoy the defense. This relies on the randomness being more consistent for attacks then hoof knockdown. It's almost like a drunk style of FIFA, except your sober (hopefully).

IF the ball is in your half. You click B. no questions. The best way to do it is aim it towards the center of the pitch and click/hold. it doesn't matter. If it goes out. Defend the throw in or smash your opponents legs then rinse and repeat.

IF the ball is in the other half (and you get possession). You look for the immediate through ball before the opponents defense/midfield comes back fully and forms. You may need to do a couple passes but I am not strict on myself on how I attack. I just go for goal.


When I say this relies on the randomness I truly mean it relies on randomness. You will force a lot of bounces between the opponents defense with the clearance button, due to the fact it does not prioritize anyone at the end of it. On top of that your strikers will be putting on the pressure like no tomorrow. Get a bounce. Start an attack. You want to have the most scrappiest goals you can possibly get and leave your opponent ripping his hair out of his head afterwards.

Defensive duties, all you gotta do is fly into tackles like no tomorrow. you want about 20 CB's lined up between your starting 11 and bench. Red cards.. No problem. Fuck your opponents up. Try to retain a good shape in the middle and force them wide and out of any shooting position.

Who to use?I have different variations depending how I want to play. Pretty much any midfield or back position = Cb. Use the likes of Ramos, Pepe, or Shawcross. Defenders on low chem are better at defense than CDMs on 10. Their job is to just defend. Trust me, plus your squad will look more scary and get the message across to your opponent that you're not here to make friends. You're here to bash his players up while stealing a point from a draw at the same time. Up top you should almost always just be using someone with a ton of pace. You want to run after the ball like no tomorrow up there. The other variation is using 1 target man in the attack to create some diversity. Its personal preference but i found keeping the speed on the quick attacks is crucial.


532 (best)

541 (great for playing for the nil, nil)

433(3) (great if you want to possibly cross)

532 I stick to 2 fast guys up top. Ping a few 1-2's if i need and its a goal. You can use a target man and through ball to the fast guy, or run down the wing with the fast guy and cross it in. Personal preference really.

541 I gotta be fucking honest, I use a CB up top and run him back to defend. Yes 10 CBs. It's difficult to create attacks with 1 guy up there but if you want to, definitely use someone fast.

433(3) I use 2 fast wingers and a target man. Pretty simple. Work it wide and cross. You can do 3 fast guys but you really don't need that overkill and you mind as well use a 532.

Custom tactics – Instructions

I have balanced (when im looking to dump and chase) and ultra defensive when I am in the lead or just wanna set up shop from the 3rd minute of the game.

Both use the same CT on defense:

Drop back



But I sometimes experiment with 5/3 to give some more space and width.

Balanced (offence):

long ball





Ultra Defensive (offense-lol):





1 (duh)

Instructions are easy. Everyone get back except strikers are on get in behind. I'm currently keeping just 1 on 'Stay forward' while the other is on balanced defensive support.

Ultra Defensive instructions the strikers (and defenders of course) just have come back on defense on.

also don't forget if you're in the lead or parking the bus then instruct the strikers to get back on defense in the game using the D-pad.

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Heres my squad

It went 12-2 (2 were both losses in shootout) last weekend league after only playing that garbage twice this year. It's given me a breath of fresh air and some real inspiring FIFA to look forward to. I hope you give it a try and enjoy the video game for once this year. If you have questions or anything feel free to ask. Keep on breaking legs and smashing that ball!

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