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FIFA19 7 - EA Appreciation Post

The most unpopular opinion of all unpopular opinions… Ok honestly this title is bait, because overall I'm still not happy with the state of FIFA and feel EA is missing out on an opportunity to make FIFA one of the most enjoyable and relevant games out there.

But the reason I made this post is because I feel we don't give enough positive feedback when EA (rarely) does something good. It's really important to be critical and demand better things from EA, but I think it's also important to give positive feedback when they do something good so that they know their time isn't wasted on us and that we won't just moan and complain no matter what they do.

What made me think about this was EA's recent tweet about improvements to gameplay responsiveness. The replies were overwhelmingly negative and were suggesting that nothing ever changes, even after updates. But if you actually look at the pitch notes this isn't just an update to the game, they're literally changing up hardware and changing their data center providers. And I must say that (on PC, UK) my gameplay has been really smooth online in recent weeks, I've actually had fun online for the first time in years recently. And even if it's just a coincidence, the fact they're acknowledging and addressing the #1 problem with this game (imo), should seriously not be discouraged… If they're making these important changes and all they see is unappreciative dumb asses spamming them on twitter, they're going to think no one actually understood the problem in the first place/all they wanted to do was hate on EA and that their time is wasted on them.


I'm fully aware there are a lot of balance issues with defensive AI and OP unrealistic skill moves, but the gameplay and meta changes every year. If they can just get the inconsistent gameplay and connection issues sorted the next game could have serious potential if they get the balance right. And with them communicating with the community more than ever I don't think it's that far fetched that FIFA 20 could have good balance and good gameplay. Combine that with the great content from this year and you have a good game.

TL;DR: EA still has a lot to make up for, but please don't discourage them when they address the #1 issue the game (gameplay responsiveness). What do you think EA will focus on when they post about promos and get a ton of hype, then post about gameplay improvements and get a ton of hate; we're shooting ourselves in the foot. This game will never be fun to play as long as my 90+ rated players feel like they have 10 dribbling and -5 ball control…

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