EA is definitely listing players to the market to regulate the player prices.

FIFA19 1 - EA is definitely listing players to the market to regulate the player prices.

I bought up everyone of 53 rated bronze ‚eryk williamson‘ from Santa Clara in League Nos.

Five minutes later there is 3 consecutive pages of fresh „first owners“ with 650 starting price and 750 bin. Most of them being listed in the same minute.

Edit: I want to highlight a comment from below and bring it up for discussion.

but this would mean they're using this to take coins off the market as well because the coins people spend to buy these players are just going to end up in an EA created account or worse, they just vanish into thin air if EA is somehow injecting these players into the market without being tied to an account. All this noise about SBCs being coin sinks would be nothing compared to if some of the players on the market are coin sinks.

Edit2: I uploaded a video from this case. This was recorded before i made this post here, just to show it to my friends. So the qualitiy is quite bad..


(They weren‘t all coming up at the exact same second. But groups of them were. And also >50 cards of a random bronze being listed for the excact same price in a short period of time -all as first owners- is highly unlikely to happen. Futbin didn‘t even update his price by then and if somehow everyone would have packed him in that second surely some of those people would have listed him for different prices.)

For the next days I plan to do a little study by buying serveral bronze players under 1k off the market and see how long it takes until first owner cards are listed to the market. Considering the discussion in this sub, bronzes that are required in league SBCs should get listed as first owners much faster and more often than random bronzes from minor leagues. I‘m curious if I can discover a scheme behind it.

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Also shout-out to the guy that just listed 50 Williamson's for 700 coins with 9 hours duration. I won’t be buying them. But nice try! 😉

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