EA need fix this asap

FIFA19 4 - EA need fix this asap

Thought I will spend some time to visualize the problems FIFA 19 is being haunted for and maybe if EA employers are browsing the Reddit they might notice why is it broken and annoys so many people. I won't be getting into the details of other EA issues like insane amount of stupid deflections towards goal or enemy players, automatic player switching when you don't even need it and or robotic gameplay while defending, where you cannot control your player properly as he seems to ignore your directional movement.

  1. Threaded ball through passes (executed via R1 + TRIANGLE on PS4) are always going to the most stupid directions even tho you specify clearly with the directional stick where you want it to go. For those who don't know, threaded passes taps it into space, while the normal through ball passes are much more direct.

  1. Crosses to the midfielders will only land LIKE every 4th attempt, unless you make a complete stop and turn around your player 90° angle so he would face to the mid of the pitch and then pass the ball of course when he is already covered by the defenders in the meantime while you do all of that.

  1. Player switching always seem to prioritize the player in front of the ATTACKER, no matter how further he is from the player behind the attacker, rather than switching to the player beside him and it is ALMOST impossible to get the player behind the attacker to control. These player switches always ruins the defending line until you make the right player switch which is annoying as hell. Even the directional switching doesn't help as for some reason the marker just doesn't tag players behind the attacker.

Threaded ball through pass


Player Switching

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