EA needs to decide if FIFA is an arcade or realistic sports game

FIFA19 1 - EA needs to decide if FIFA is an arcade or realistic sports game

The way I see it, EA have built a game that is caught between trying to be an arcade game and a realistic game. Examples:

1.) Players struggle to control a simple moving ball, yet there is a catalogue of skill moves that render defenders useless. If you want to be an arcade game, the strength of skill moves is fine, but there isn't really any room for (highly skilled might I add) players to struggle to control a slowly moving ball. The same works vice versa, players not being able to control balls is fine in a realistic game but then the impact of skill moves should be nerfed. How rarely do you see skill moves (including simple ones like drag backs and step overs) being used in real life football?

2.) In an arcade game, there should be the same level of risk and reward for tackling styles. In a realistic game, slide tackles should carry far more risk than standing tackles. It seems to me defenders recover from missed slide tackles far quicker than they do after missing a standing tackle (where they seem to then be stuck in mud).


3.) Unrealistic shots, i.e. the 180 degree finesse. Again, if FIFA is an arcade sports game, this is fine. But with the realistic elements to the game I just don't think this fits.

4.) Superhuman recoveries from tired defenders, arcade.

I don't believe you can have a game where certain parts mimic real football and others mimic an arcade game. I get that EA would argue that it is a game after all and they need to find a perfect balance. But I think so much frustration comes from elements of the game being more like an arcade game and others being overly realistic.

Anyone have any other examples? Agree? Disagree?

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