EA ruined FIFA

FIFA19 9 - EA ruined FIFA

If you take a long and agonizing journey through the cycle of FIFA 19, we come across dozens of times EA Sports FIFA have failed to address, change, or even acknowledge bugs, glitches, and game breaking mechanics in their own game. We were all given a beta video game to play. No, not the closed beta version of the game at the beginning of the year, but the version we all play today. FIFA 19. We are their employees. Telling the developers what to do, complaining on forums, YouTube, Twitter, etc. until their own community and consumers are in uproar forcing change. Ever since the game launched, we were all exposed to broken mechanics that shouldn’t have been in this game from the get-go (i.e. overhead kicks, finesses, formation glitch, etc.).

EA Sports FIFA gave us Prime Icons, which are by definition, the best Icon you can get. We were all given countless of SBCs for icons to complete and play with. We finally were able to use our favorite icons, except we were being deceived the entire time. We weren’t completing the SBC for the best version as we originally thought. Heads-up, Prime Icons aren’t the best now. Prime Icon Moments are now the new thing. As EA Sports FIFA released Icon Moments, we were exposed to SBCs and cards that cost double of their Primes, yet having minimal upgrades. Now, not only is the Prime Icon you have not the best anymore, your version has already lost a third of its original price, as well as your next upgrade cost double of the original price.


Now that everything was Icon Moments, and EA claimed there would be no more Prime Icon SBCs to be released, we would finally be able to play with the infamous Prime Icon Moments Ronaldo, Pele, Eusebio, Gullit, etc. I beg your pardon, I mean Prime Ronaldo, Pele, Eusebio, and Gullit. Yes, EA backtracked and instead of releasing the cards as Prime Icon Moments, we just got their primes. And it’s all our faults. There’s a reason R9 hasn’t been on the market in months. There’s a reason R9 doesn’t show up in draft. It’s our faults we’re not opening ludicrous amounts of packs to obtain him. We’re at fault for not packing him enough, and we’re the reason EA didn’t put a Prime Moments Pele, R9, R10, etc into the game. We’re the reason those cards don’t come out in packs. EA Sports FIFA purposely made this game, so no matter how hard you grind this game, you will never have the best team available. No matter how much cash you throw at this game, you won’t even be close. You can have 100,000,000 coins and won’t be able to get the best players. Not because the players are that expensive, it’s because the players themselves aren’t even getting packed. No, it’s not EAs fault. Once again, it’s our fault.

EA Sports FIFA continues to prove to the entire community, that they are what’s killing the game. No amount of new promos will win back the community you already struggle to keep intrigued for more than five months, when you lie to our faces, blame the user for what YOU have put us into. Nobody in this community is to blame for anything. We complain, whine, and are outraged so consistently because you, EA Sports FIFA, have truly fucked up. You have ruined your game and you will never recover. Out of all the lies and screwups you’ve made during these ten years of FUT, this takes the cake. FIFA 19 is the beginning of the end for the FIFA series, and EA Sports doesn’t seem to care.

FIFA was a game I played whenever I needed to get away from everything or was sad. I played career mode to try and turn myself into the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi as a kid. FIFA used to be a fun escape from my troubles. What has happened to the game we all loved?

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