EA should remove the “Hold A” to contain from the game entirely

FIFA19 10 - EA should remove the "Hold A" to contain from the game entirely

We already have a jockey feature available so why even have that. All it does is give noobs an easy way to contain during 1v1s.

EA should get rid of it altogether. Even better, EA should make pressing "A" the designated button for slide tackles and "B" only for clearances (Xbox). This would solve the issue we have right now where you tackle and for some reason your player boots the ball right after. As pointed out by another redditor, u/iamstrgl who made an excellent technical post on FiFa from a programming POV, the way the game:

If we dig a bit deeper, however, I think we can all relate to times where we’ve wanted the defending set of control options but have instead gotten the attacking set of controls and vice versa. For example, say you’ve run to tackle someone running towards you and after pressing tackle, instead of getting a perfectly timed tackle you’ve instead booted it into row Z and given your opponent back possession. Sound familiar?

None of this is exactly rocket science but the issue and frustration comes from this little sentence right here: *There are times where you would reasonably expect the possession of the ball to be with you but the computer has decided you no longer have possession of the ball*. This then causes you to press a button and get an unintended result. For instance, clearing the ball in your box by pressing the tackle/clear button, only to have the computer say possession wasn’t yours and you’ve instead made an attempt at a tackle and given away penalty because you’ve not made contact with the ball despite it being right at your feet. It’s a frustrating scenario because the computer determines who does and doesn’t have possession, but there isn’t a good visual indicator of whether or not you still have possession. Because of this, we use our eyes and our brain which have watched thousands of hours of football together to decide when we do or don’t have the ball. The problem is the computer doesn’t think as we do.

Now ad in the atrocious servers and this situation becomes way to frequent and becomes extremely frustrating. So by making tackling and shooting 2 different buttons you reduce the risk of this BS happening while also removing a completely obsolete game mechanic that quite frankly most people want gone anyways.


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