EL Juan Mata mini-review for those of you who are still undecided

FIFA19 8 - EL Juan Mata mini-review for those of you who are still undecided

If you are not sure whether around 100k give or take is worth for this card, then hear me out. I was just like you. Being a Manchester United fan is a big plus. But Mata is a genuine humble human being that even Liverpool fans shouldnt be ashamed of doing him.

At first when he was released, I didnt wanna do him. As I thought “Hes probably RW. He probably has 2* WF. He probably has 3SM. He probably has 72 pace and 60 stamina. But boy those stats looked tasty. He first of all has 4/3. Which isnt the worst thing consider the absurd goals people with 2 WF score with their players. Ive played 16 games with him so far today. He scored a hattrick in his first game. An off balance thundercunt from outside the box, a tap-in, and a penalty. But in total has 8 goals and 13 assists in 16 games. I played him as a CAM in this team: Neuer, Scr Rafinha, Boateng, IF Sokratis, FB Baines, IF Witsel, Pogba, OP Giggs, Mata, Base Best, POTM Rashford.

I will be talking about each face stat category and how it affected him ingame:

  • Lets see some basics here thats important for a midfield maestro. He has 85 pace first of all. 90 acceleration. Thats huge! He is already much faster than players like Silva, De Bruyne, Modric, Draxler, Gotze, Brandnt etc and only 3 less than Messi. A good pace is never a bad thing for a player. PACE: 8.5/10

  • Then we goto his dribbling and passing, which arent the best in terms of individually compared to likes of Neymar n Messi. However his stats compliment themselves nicely. First off, he has 93 balance and 87 agility. He was able to quickly and affectively get out of tight situations surprisingly easily! Only other players Ive felt who could do the same was Aguero, Neymar, Messi, Marcelo TOTY. Now look at his composure, its 91… Folks Mata is a class above those young teenage wannabe trickster footballers when it comes to keeping cool. He kept things so composed during pressure he had around him and I was surprised how well he adapted to my fast short passing game. Since his composure and balance are so absurdly high, he was able to score some beautiful goals for me in very very tight situations. His vision, free kicks and curves are high aswell 91,90,90 respectively. This allowed him to solely dictate the game for me and pick out some absolute cherries for my runners. Along with his 92 ball control and other dribbling stats I mentioned, he wiggles out of a tight situation like a cat and quick continues the play. I was surprised at how the ball stuck to his feet the entire time. Dribbling: 9.5/10 Passing: 9.5/10

  • Next stat ill cover is his shooting. Obviously you want a CAM who can score. This guy is like Javier Hernandez when it comes to positioning. His 92 positioning almost always allowed for intelligent plays. He slipped through the armpit of VVD and Campbell and scored a tap in twice in those games for me. His other stats are decent but not the best. However he has the finesse shots trait and his finishing is at 87 so it feels like he can curve one in every now and then. Remember guys, balance and composure affect shooting just as much. That might be why his shooting seemed better than Pogbas for me. Overall, very artistic shooter who relies on placement and positioning. Shooting: 7.8/10

  • Defending is not Matas good asset. But why do you need him to defend much when youve surrounded him with giants? In my case it was Pogba and Witsel. And Mata was the perfect transitioning midfielder among the 3. Defending: 5/10

  • Now this is where it gets interesting. Players who are similar to Mata all have shit pace AND…. Say it. Thats right. Stamina. This is where he shines above the rest. Because he is able to run around his small magic feet for the whole 90 minutes without having to worry about substitutions. His strength and aggression are shit. But what do you expect from a 170cm playmaker? He does however, make up those stats with his agility, balance and composure. One thing that surprised me was his jumping. The fucker can jump alright. 86 jumping for Juan Mata? No way. But hey, it helps. Physical: 8/10

Overall, his SBC gives okay packs. He is very cheap. He has very nice links. He has pace. He has shooting. His touch is silk. He got stamina. Plus his card, club, nation combo looks sick. Check it out for yourself!

The Special Juan wont disappoint you

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