Elite 3 WL stats and recap: first elite finish for regular gold 1 player

FIFA19 8 - Elite 3 WL stats and recap: first elite finish for regular gold 1 player

ez8gypdtgq031 - Elite 3 WL stats and recap: first elite finish for regular gold 1 player

I've seen a few other players post their WL stats and thought I'd give it a go. Hope you enjoy.

Context: I’ve been hitting gold 1 consistently since January and have went 22-8 multiple times, but I’ve never broken through to hit elite. Hopefully this post can help some others break that deadlock as it’s probably one of the toughest jumps in the game.

For me I can say that getting elite was down to a few things. I’ve gotten a lot better at breaking down drop back defences with lots of passing and dribbling to create space, I already used skill moves a lot but being able to left-stick dribble around players scored me some crucial goals this weekend. Also implementing shielding with L2 while you have the ball, this allowed me to not lose possession as much and get some foul calls that I wouldn’t usually get. Another key thing is patience when you’re on attack, sometimes passing the ball back is the best way to get forward, the opponent who smashed me 5-0 in game 26 was a top 100 player who did this extremely well and showed me the value in doing it.

However, the absolute biggest thing that’s helped me getting to elite is having multiple formations to switch to during the game. I play most of my games using the 352, I find it the most balanced formation on attack and defence for my playstyle, and I find it the most fun. I also have the classic 4231 formation as an option, I mainly use it when I need to hold onto a tight lead, I find it better than a 5-back formation for parking the bus as most opponents attack down the middle, so I can have all 10 outfielders dropping back and defending narrow. I also have the 433(4) as an attacking option, mainly for when I can’t get things working with the 352 and/or I want to utilise my wingers more and attack wide, the structure of this formation also seems to open a lot of spaces for passing and dribbling. Finally, I have the 41212(2) setup as an ultra-attacking formation for when I’m behind and need a goal, I have every player set to get forward so it closely resembles that ‘2-5-1-2’ formation guide that was popular here a while ago. Being able to switch into multiple formations is how I’ve comeback from 1-0, 2-0 and even 3-0 deficits to win the game, these comebacks have been crucial wins to help push me over the line for elite.


This is my first WL using Neymar, Eriksen, Sanchez and Pogba. Last weekend I was using TOTY van Dijk at the back and middle Cruyff at striker. I bought Cruyff as I absolutely loved using his moments loan card, but his 91 card wasn’t as good so I sold him and bought Neymar who is just unreal. I also sold van Dijk as his price went back up and I broke even. Before last weekend I was just using the untradeables that you can see on my bench. This is also my first WL using Del Piero as a striker, I’ve been using him as a CAM since his SBC came out, but I pulled Eriksen from the PL Player picks and thought I’d better use him. I now know that Del Piero is insane at both CAM and ST, as shown he was my MVP of the weekend, he usually is but I didn’t think he’d manage it as a ST. Neymar was really close, he had more overall goal contributions, but he didn’t get that many in the later games unlike Del Piero who also had double the MOTM awards. Based on who I pull from the Bundesliga picks, I’m happy to keep Del Piero at ST or move him back to CAM and drop Eriksen. Neymar definitely won’t be leaving my team and I really enjoyed Mbappe at RM instead of ST where he previously played. Sanchez was a great CB option, very fast and strong, glad I chose him over TOTS Alderwireld to link Eriksen. Pogba was someone I just wanted to try since he’s a 5-star skiller CM, he had great passing and strength too, really good even on only 8 chem. Barzagli, De Rossi, Nedved, Cannavaro and Szczesny were just as great as they usually are in my WL teams.

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