Enjoyable and quite effective: 2-5-1-2 Formation Guide (+Fut Champs highlight clip)

FIFA19 9 - Enjoyable and quite effective: 2-5-1-2 Formation Guide (+Fut Champs highlight clip)

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In this thread I want to show you a "new" formation I tried out in FUT champs. I call it the 2512 and with it I was able to beat very tough opponents, while having lots of fun and actually enjoying the game. To sum it up I played 41212 narrow with very high depth and attacking players at fullback, which I told to join the attack. This worked quite well, because it offers the most attacking options of all formations I tried this year (even more than 352 and 3421) and you can actually prevent your opponent from counter attacking when you set the team up right. The post contains detailed explanations of custom tactics, player instructions and recommended player types to prevent counter attacks for users that want to try it themselves.

How does the formation play in game?

Playing 2512 is the exact opposite of what most players in FUT are doing nowadays. Your philosophy will be to completely suffocate your opponent with attacking options. The two fullbacks will play similar to wingers in the 433 and from the highlight video you can see that these players will actually get as many goal contributions as your strikers. The only 3 players that dont play in your opponents final third are your two CBs and your CDM. These players have to be absolutely top level players to not be exposed on counter attacks, but it is actually possible to break down most attacks.

In the beginning of my games in this formation I intended to rely on crossing, which can be quite overpowered in FIFA19. While getting used to the formation I noticed that this is possible, but by crossing into the box repeatedly you will lose control of possession and structure. Therefore I adapted to playing short-passing football and finally got the most out of the formation. The amount of attacking options allowed me to play the most effective short passing football I ever played in FIFA.

Custom Tactics

Like I mentioned before I find it most effective to try and completely suffocate your opponent. Therefore I recommend using a form of pressing (for example after heavy touch) paired with possession attacking style. In addition to that I put depth and players in the box to a very high level in order to move all my players up the field. Of course minor adjustments to all settings can be tried out to find a good balance.

Player Instructions

In order for the formation to work you have to use the 41212 narrow in game (you can start in any formation for chem). This is because only this formation allows your full backs to join the attack as efficiently as needed. The lack of wide players makes your full backs move up the field and play like wingers.

Most instructions can be adjusted according to preference, but you have to give the instruction full backs join the attack and CDM stay back. In addition to that I recommend stay forward on one your CMs and CAM. If a player tends to struggle for stamina you can put him on conservative interceptions

Recommend player types (how to prevent counter attacks)


Here you have a lot of options. In general all goalkeepers that have previously worked for you are safe to use. It is recommended to have a goalkeeper that is decent with the ball at his feet, because you want to control the game. This means you should rarely punt it up the field and playing accurate passes is very important. I used Courtois for chemistry reasons and in some situations I wished I had Neuer, Ederson or Ter Stegen between the sticks.

Center Backs:


There are two things you have to look out for in you center backs. The first and insanely important stat is pace. While parking the bus you can maybe get away with slow defenders, but with this setup you will constantly face counter attacks. I would say 75 pace is the bare minimum and from 82 and higher you start to get the best out of the formation.

Another requirement you should not overlook is good passing. Your fullbacks are usually far away and you cant get away with just rolling it over to them. Being able to shift the play with accurate long balls is key to dominating the game and 70 passing should be the absolute minimum. Everything thats higher than that really helps. It might be a good idea to play fullbacks at center back on 7 chem (Alex Sandro, Alaba) to get the best pace and passing possible


This player is insanely important for the balance of your team. He will be the difference between getting countered 5 times a game and keeping a clean sheet. You have two options here:

  1. The Casemiro: You can put a proper CDM in front of your two CBs. I used Casemiro with his medium/high workrates and the defending and physicality of a center back. This will be very close to using a three at the back formation and your opponent will struggle to attack down the middle. However, your wings will be open and you are very likely to suffer against pacey wingers.
  2. The Goretzka: This was my second attempt at finding a defensive midfielder. Goretzka is not as physical as an outright defender and his high attacking workrates will make him move a little more up the field. But this type of CDM offers an additional defensive tactic: During a counter attack you can select your "Goretzka" as your active player and sprint after the opposing winger. With the way this game works you have a good chance to catch your opponent and break down the attack. This may sound crazy but try it out yourself, you will be surprised how efficient this can be.


This is where the fun begins. Your number one priority in this position is creativity, because these players will be the focal point of most of your attacks. These players should be able to take on defenders, swing in crosses and also score goals. High attacking and low defensive work rates are very effective and therefore Marcelo and Dani Alves are the players I recommend the most. Other attacking minded full backs or even actual wingers on 7 chem are also very viable to use.

Stamina is a huge factor in this position. I found everything above 80 to be decent, while stamina above 90 allows your player to last the whole game without any difficulty.


These positions usually require very different player types. In this formation however, you are looking for a very similar player profile. Your midfielders and attackers will all spend most of the game in your opponents final third playing quick short passes to each other. Small and agile players with high passing stats and weak foot are preferred here. Shooting and pace are also very nice to have, but they are not crucial, as you should try to go for simple finishes inside the box.

My favorite players to use here were Modric, Neymar and Mbappe.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to watch the highlight video and read all of this. I hope everything was described in an understandable way. Especially the specific player instructions might be called differently in English, but I tried to describe it as clearly as possible. I will happily answer questions in the comments and I am eager to hear if anyone already uses or will use this tactic in the future.

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