Everything wrong EA has done over the weekend

FIFA19 9 - Everything wrong EA has done over the weekend

It's laughable. Seriously not a good look.

  • Released Sancho SBC
  • Removed Sancho SBC because they got his position wrong (Still haven't added it back)
  • Released MM with the wrong team (Slovenia instead of Slovakia)
  • Released Icon SBC 3
  • Removed Icon SBC 3 because it was easily exploited
  • Added back the Icon SBC 3 with awful rewards, to the point it seriously isn't worth it
  • Matchmaking disabled for the past 2 hours (probably longer) with ZERO communication from EA or their community managers

All in less than 3 days.


What are they doing? We were told we would get more communication and transparency, but we still haven't seen it 2 months into the game. Woeful, EA.

If there's anything more they've done over the weekend, feel free to let me know 🙂

EDIT: I'm now aware that a lot of other people have made similar posts. I didn't know. I'm not trying to copy anyone I just wanted to vent my frustration 🙂

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