Experiment: Rage Quitting in Weekend League – PT. II

FIFA19 3 - Experiment: Rage Quitting in Weekend League - PT. II

Good morning reddit!

I posted the other day about an experiment I was going to attempt this weekend league:


I was away at a wedding this weekend, so only had a few hours on Sunday to fit in all of my games. The basic idea was that if "rage quits" count as losses, I should be able to give away 10 wins on Friday morning, and still attain a "respectable" finish with just a few horrendously hungover hours to play on Sunday.


The table below shows my wins/losses and goals across the WL.

The numbers across the top show the game number (after my initial 10 rage quits)

Result shows whether I won or lost (wins highlighted red were ragequits.)

F – goals for, A – goals against.

T1 – My pre-game form according to the theory that Rage Quitting from a game DOES count as a loss

T2 – My pre-game form according to the theory that Rage Quitting from a game DOES NOT count as a loss

Reported – I messaged each opponent to try and find out what their current form was, and used this to work out their pre-match form.

zn9590skl3231 - Experiment: Rage Quitting in Weekend League - PT. II

The Games

Friday – I gave away 10 wins as soon as WL opened, scoring an own goal and then forfeiting the game. I played three games around lunch-time on Friday, all the opponents seemed to be of a really good standard, only one of them replied when messaged to ask about form. I was his 5th game, which suggests that it doesn't prioritise form when matchmaking against people who are in their first 5 games. This could also explain other anomalous results throughout the weekend.


Sunday – I was really hungover yesterday and only managed to get on FIFA at around 7pm. played 15 games in the space of roughly 5hrs, it was horrible, but I felt a duty to my fellow redditors to follow through with my experiment. On the most part all of the games on Sunday were very comfortable wins, I didn't really have to try or concentrate for most of them, which was a blessing given the state that I was in. I did manage to lose one game 8-1 which is my heaviest defeat on FUT this year, in that particular game I managed to miss 4 open goals and hit the post twice, so safe to say it was a bit of a one off.

Monday – I'd already got to G3 which I was happy with, but figured I'd play my last couple of games for the hell of it and to see if I can get any more responses about current form.


It probably doesn't help that I was ridiculously hungover and wasn't playing at my best this weekend, but the difference in form between theory 1 and theory 2 suggests that I either I had a bit of a shit weekend league because I was hungover OR equalled my best ever weekend league form (+10).

Everybody who responded to my messages asking about form responded in a way which would support theory 1.

The general playstyle of my opponents supported Theory 1.

  • In most games I was able to comfortably keep above 60% possession (even in the game where I lost 8-1!)
  • I only saw 3 el-tornados the whole weekend, whereas usually my last 5 or 6 games are just an el-tornado fest.
  • I only met 2 opponents who could effectively use la croquetas

I couldn't find anything to support theory 2, other than that I normally finish G2, and this time was a couple of games off.

tl;dr: Based on one redditors incredibly small sample size – if you rage quit in WL, it DOES count as a loss for matchmaking purposes.

Feel free to ask questions, I'm expecting a lot of hate on this as it goes against what a lot of people in this community believe (and also what I believed prior to testing this out this weekend.)

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