FIFA19 2 - FIFA 20 - FUT FAQ's

1- I just played Squad Battles and got 0 points WTF EA ?!??!!?! A: You already played all your matches for the week. SB allows you to refresh infinitely but once you are done with your official 40 games, you will not get any more points.

2- How can I view my friends team? A: Friendlies > Couch Play

3- Where can I see how many points separate me from the next/earlier rank in SB? A: you can't. EA changed it this year and there's no active way to look at this info besides checking sites like FUTBIN but keep in mind the information there is not in real time.

4- I won a bid but the player is stuck inside my transfer list? A: it's a bug, it has happened to a lot of us, it will eventually get fixed.

5- How can I see my remaining WL Matches? A: FUT Champions menu > Schedule (triangle/Y button)

6- How can I see my remaining matches in SB? A: So far, the only way to see them is to try to refresh your squads after playing 1 game. Example: you have 4 new matches, you play one, you hit refresh and you'll get a prompt asking you if you are sure about refreshing, that screen will show you how many refreshes you have left.

7- I just lost XP and went back a season level after reclaiming a reward A: It's a known bug, some people have been doing the following as a workaround. If you level up and you have a reward, log out of FUT, open your companion app and claim your reward from there. Log back in console again


8- I got 18 dogs (or whatever that animal is) in my companion app when trying to log in A: It's a bug, just try your best. I personally try to make the dog all the way up front to be straight

9- Why are their UCL cards in the market? A: EA released them a few days ago by mistake for an hour or so before they got removed from packs again

10- This (insert name of the objective) is bugged and it won't complete!!! A: So far, NONE of the objectives are bugged, you might have to do different things to unlock it, but it's 100% unlockable. Example: The "Score 1 goal in swaps" objective. If you used "Swapped" players to score, it won't count them as goals.

11- What is this fitness bug I keep hearing about? A: Fitness has been glitched since day 1. Even though your players might have low fitness in the squad screen before a match, once the match starts, everyone will have full fitness. EA is fully aware of the bug but it hasn't been fixed yet. Use it as much as you can and save your fitness cards and coins

12- Sold a player and got no coins A: This is a thing that has been happening since FIFA 18 or maybe earlier. Sometimes, the coin count will not update instantly, it might take a few mins. A quick workaround is to quicksell something in your club, example a contract. Quick sell it and your coins will be instantly updated.

13- Do we get XP by just playing games? A: No, you only get XP when completing objectives.

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