Fifa 20 problems

FIFA19 4 - Fifa 20 problems

I'm getting really sick of the gameplay already this year. There are numerous problems and apparently EA can't see them or are refusing to do anything about them. I'm gonna list a mixture of actual broken problems in the game, and issues I personally believe need fixing.

1) unresponsive gameplay. Well it was a nice try coming up with the "it's the animation, not our servers" excuse but as we can all see clear as day, the issue, quite evidently, is your servers. In no other game are there server issues quite like there are in fifa, and in particular fifa 20. Imagine modern warfare launches on Friday and you have to wait one second after pressing "Y" to change your weapon bevause the server can't deal with it. Fortnite has 100 players running around a map, building an infinite combination of structures in hundres of thousands of games. But you're telling me I'm suffering with input delay on a dedicated server against one other player because I'm using WiFi and not an ethenet cable?

2) Pace. Pace in this game is a phenomena. A shadow card transforms a defender from mertesacker to varane for a low price of 5k. Shadow cards and chemistry styles in general need a huge nerf. I think a +5/6 boost to acceleration and sprint speed is plenty. It turns a player who has 82/83 pace into a considerably faster player. I'm sick of coming up against militao, varane, lenglet etc. And watching them burn my aubameyang, sadio mane and neymar. Even worse is when I sub on flashback Walcott and have to sit there and struggle to outpace carvajal who's been on the pitch for 76 minutes, has hardly any stamina yet manages to effortlessly catch up to my walcott. This needs addressing. Especially since 9 times out of 10, your players are actually faster than the ball, which should NEVER be the case.


3) Ball control. I'm sick to death of watching neymar, who is one of, if not THE most skillful player in the world, take 4-5 touches before having the ball under control. How can this be? I'm sick of pressing pass, but then the game deciding, no sorry, mane has only taken 3 touches and doesn't have control of the ball yet, please wait so we can decide when your player is ready to pass the ball. It is an absolute joke.

4) Heading. So after fifa 19 I for one am glad to see the back of the crossing spam. That being said, there is a difference between not wanting to concede 7 headers per game and being unable to score a header in an open net from 3 Yards out because my player doesn't know how to head the ball without first heading it into the ground. I'm not saying I want the overpowered fifa 19 heading meta to return, far from it. However I'd expect to be able to use skmeone like lewandowski to his strengths. He is an aerial threat, so allow me to use him in such a way. Don't force me to play a certain way each year so you can then say "oh look what we changed" in the next installment. If you were capable of making a balanced football game, I wouldn't care if the gameplay was nearly untouched year after year with just upgraded graphics and rosters. I appreciate we've been given more ways than previously to score. There are numerous ways to score in this year's iteration. However why not allow us to score however we want to score and play however we want to play.

Off the top of my head these are the issues that frustrate me the most. If anyone else has any others feel free to leave it in the comments. I'm genuinely intrigued to see what people have to say.

Enjoy your day 😊

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