FIFA desperately needs a competitor

FIFA19 1 - FIFA desperately needs a competitor

I think that the main issue with FIFA right now is the massive monopoly they have on the football videogame market (and I know many here have already realized the same already). The thing about monopolies is that when there is no real competition, the quality of the product doesnt really matter. Whether EA releases a great or mediocre FIFA, sales are not gonna be affected that much because there is no alternative. As long as FIFA generates as much revenue as desired, EA will have no real reason to put more effort into the game.

Now most people here already know this, and the usual response is: "Yeah we know, but how is someone gonna compete with FIFA? They have al the licenses." But I definitely think there is room for a company to seriously challenge EA without licenses. I envision a game that is focused more on a 'Pro Clubs' type of gameplay, which is a mode that has alot of potential which EA has neglected. Why this? Well first of all, it would avoid the whole licensing issue since people would play as their own pros and their 'Pro Clubs' rather than specific players/teams (and obviously you could make players/teams that look just like certain real ones whilst avoiding copyright). The game could have alot of focus on leveling your pro up, unlocking new attributes/skills/traits etc, making clubs and playing tournaments, unlocking cosmetics (here the company could make alot of money) and more. Most importantly of all, the gameplay would have to be skill-based and fun in order to attract players who have grown tired of EAs stagnating gameplay. It could even be an eSport.

I think a game like this could be very succesful, especially if it implemented a free-to-play model with cosmetics micro-transactions. Many people would probably try it out, and if gameplay/graphics were good enought I think it could pull alot of unhappy players away from FIFA aswell as attract new players. I personally would love a new football game with good gameplay, hell Id even take a straight knock-off FIFA street game if it had skill-based and fun gameplay.

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