FIFA has an enjoyment problem, and needs a major overhaul.

FIFA19 3 - FIFA has an enjoyment problem, and needs a major overhaul.

I don't criticise the game lightly, and I do enjoy it sporadically, but I think it's a huge problem that the best that people can say about the game is "sometimes it can be pretty good" or "it's fine" or that likeing the game is an "unpopular opinion". Yes, people tend to go overboard when they criticise the game, but the fact that no one can wholeheartedly say "this game (not just sports/football game) is very good with few flaws" is problematic. And who would wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone? Its very clear from the inability to fix major bugs and the constant disappointment on the content side that the team in charge of making FIFA is severely understaffed, and this is alarming at a time when the game needs a major overhaul in terms of gameplay and content.

Independent of how 19 is compared to the previous games, FIFA and FUT just isn't a very good franchise. Not even content wise. It is in need of a serious overhaul in strategy and philosophy. EA are ridiculously stingy in terms of packs and SBCs for a game where everything resets after a year, and the gameplay is unacceptably inconsistent. I started FUT in 18 and at this point I'm basically just playing enough games to get elite 1 in SB and rank 3 in division 5 every week, and whatever objective is there. I don't even bother with weekend league. Partly it's that I'm busy, but the fact that this game relies so much on FOMO to get me to play is problematic.


EA are counting the numbers, using engagement from people checking in everyday as a metric to say "look, people are loyal and playing the game!", but the fact is those numbers mean nothing if and when another game comes along that grabs mindshare and love. People say that EA hires psychologists to maximise engagement and use tricks to get people to play more. They should maybe put some of them on FIFA. I have expertise in behavioural sciences and I can tell you for sure that what they are doing does not make for dedicated fans. For a behavioural scientist, love is important, because that's how you get people addicted without feeling bad about it. There's no love in FIFA and FUT.

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My brother has just joined this year and he's already tired of the gameplay and the terrible pack weight. The boring and inconsistent SB gameplay and the way that people play online to grind out wins no matter what, even in division 5 and 6, along with the position glitches and bad animation is starting to get to him already after just a few months even though he hasn't even touched FIFA since maybe 15. He's come from playing other games and it's clear to him that FIFA falls far short of what we expect a game to be like in 2018. I'm sad that next year he might not play FUT with me, but I couldn't blame him if he decided to go and play another game that may also be predatory but at least offers a consistent and reinforcing experience.

Its disappointing overall and my Christmas wish is for EA to lose the exclusive licence for FIFA so they actually have to put some effort into making the game, or let someone else do it. Else, I wish that a better competitor than PES will come along.

Anyway, merry christmas everyone, enjoy your time no matter what you are doing, and don't get too upset at the game.

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