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FIFA19 1 - FIFA Wishlist

Just some ideas I have for the future games. I know not all of them make EA money, but considering many of them are in other sports games, I see no excuse to not already have them in FIFA.

General New Features

These are just some basic features that I would like to be added that would apply to multiple different modes.

Upload images from your computer to the game.
NBA 2k has this and it is such a simple yet cool feature and I don't know why FIFA doesn't have it yet. Pretty much, you would go on FIFA's website, connect your PlayStation, XBox, etc. account, and be able to upload your own images based on size requirements. Obviously a filter system would probably need to be made. This would allow for custom logos, custom kits, custom advertisements, etc.

Allow for online matchmaking for the kick off modes.
Playing against the computer gets boring after a while. Let us play the new kick off modes against friends and random people online. Couch gaming has kind of died off for anyone who doesn't own a Switch.

For career modes, add a records section.
Do your research and make some record tables. Have them for multiple tournaments. Show top goal scorers, clean sheets, assists, key passes, passing %, etc. for highest career/season World Cup, Champions League, domestic leagues, etc. This will give players something to strive for and add more history and depth to the leagues.

Custom Boots
Allow us to take base models of popular boots and make them our own. Change the colors, the designs, textures, logos, etc.

Historic Teams
NBA 2k has this feature as well. I know it's probably easier for them, considering it's one league's licensing they're dealing with, but come on EA, you're a much bigger company. But I really wouldn't mind if we could some of the old classic teams, like the 2003-04 Arsenal team, 2008-09 FC Barcelona, or 1970 Brazil National Team. Even if they're in generic kits with face scans from past games, it adds an all new dimension to the game.

All-Time Teams
This kind of goes along with the historic teams, and is as well already in NBA 2k. Make the option to play as the best possible team from past and present players for each team. Even if it's just the most popular teams for now, I'd be satisfied.

Custom Rosters
I don't know a better term to use, so just go with it.
– Allow users to create rosters, replacing and adding players to certain teams. This includes Icons and other legends.
– Allow users to share and download rosters created by other players. Sort it by downloads, or just let sites like Futhead or Futwiz filter out the best ones to use.
– Allow users to add custom players to these rosters. That way if a certain legend isn't in the game, we can at least cover up for you.
– Imagine simulating the current football world, but with a 17 year old Pele entering the scene the same time as Maradona. I've done it with Micheal Jordan in 2k and it's pretty fun seeing if he can replicate his success, which team he ends up on, and how much he's worth.
– For the All-Time teams, you could put clubs to the test. While a club like AC Milan may not do relatively well today, maybe their All-Time team can go the distance. It adds more depth to the game.

Pretty self-explanatory.

(NEW) League Owner Mode

The inspiration for this mode comes from NBA 2k's MyLeague mode. I personally think something like this in FIFA would add hours upon hours of new and refreshing gameplay. It's basically Manager Mode with more features. For those who aren't aware of it, here are some of the features I would like to add:

Customize the teams in your league.
– Make an easy way to create a custom league. Whether it's making an entirely new one with custom branding and located in a country of your choice, or just an easier way to make a super league or something.
– Allow us to adjust the amount of teams and therefore games played in the season. Also maybe allow changes to structure, in case you want to have a Playoffs or something.

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Create your own customized club.
– Either take control of a current club or make a new one. Bump down a team from the top division or just replace one altogether.
– Custom branding. Upload a logo to use, have complete control over the look of the kit, and let us customize the stadium and it's name. If someone want's to recreate their Sunday League team in FIFA, they should be able to.
– Club sponsors. Old games had sponsors, so let's bring them back. As your club progresses and gets better, make there be offers for Adidas or Angry Birds to become our shirt, stadium, etc. sponsor. Depending on your team's form and other factors, let us negotiate deals with them and use it as a way to increase our transfer budget.
– Choose the players to be on your team. Either cherrypick players to be on your team from the start, or add customized players to your roster.
– Edit your team's transfer budgets. Whether you want every club to be best friends with a billionaire or each club to have the funds of a League 2 side, you control it.
– Customize the staff. Have us be in charge of the team's coach, fitness coach, and other positions. Have them, similar to the players, have basic stats on how good they are at stuff. Allow us to completely change who they are if you want, so if you want to change the look and name of one of them to be your older brother, you can.
– Custom stadium. I see two ways of going about this. Either a similar system to Pro Clubs where the better you get, the better the stadium you have. Or you can just choose a stadium of your choice. Either way, it would be cool if we could choose the advertisements that show up on the screens, change the seat colors, have custom signs for fans to raise, and other stuff to really personalize the stadium and supporters.


Customize the rules.
– Edit transfer windows. If you want to make the transfer window open 24/7, go ahead. If you want to remove one of them, go ahead. Maybe even remove them altogether and hope you sign players with expiring contracts.
– Change actual rules on the pitch. Change the actual length of the game. Remove stoppage time. Remove cards. Remove fouls. Force sudden death instead of classic extra time. The power is in your hands.

Choose where the tournaments are hosted.
– Choose where the final match of the future Champions Leagues and such are held.
– Choose where the future World Cups are hosted.

Online League
– Invite friends to control another team in the same league as you. They control their club(s), you control yours. Simulate by week. Have transfer negotiations through the old pen and paper format with each other, play scheduled games against each other, and more. This is already in Madden NFL, which is another EA game, so I don't see why FIFA is not getting it.
– Rule changes and all the league customization discussed previously could be done by preseason and postseason votes among the players.

Player Career Mode

Social Media
We've seen a glimpse of this on Alex Hunter's The Journey. Make there be fan reactions to good performances, have transfer rumors, injuries, and players tweets (Example: Thanks to my fans for my 2nd Ballon D'or!" or something). Have reactions to hat tricks, cup/league winners, big money transfers, coaches being sacked, etc. Would increase the immersion by that much. As for the videos and images, they could be right under certain ones, with an option to see them in full screen.
Also allow us to gain followers. It's just a simple way to show our popularity and could affect sponsorships and other things.

If you're getting pretty good and gaining a following, companies like Nike or Adidas may reach out to you to sign for them. Based on negotiations, rewards could be some amount of Fifa Coins per game played, but maybe the requirement is you have to wear a shoe of their brand. You could also throw in shoe deals and other marketing opportunities, like being the ambassador for the World Cup or something.

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Allow Us to Grow to 99 Overall
The current progression system caps us out for certain attributes. If we want to become the highest rated player in history, we should be able to do so.

Contract Negotiations
– When signing for a team, let us negotiate our length, wages, bonus, and importance to the team. Basically exactly like Manager Mode does it.
– As we get better as a player, maybe we unlock better agents to give us better negotiation skills.

Start as a Youth Player
– Should be optional.
– Start as a youth player and work your way up to the professional teams.
– Compete the the U18/U21 tournaments.
– Once a certain rating or amount of accomplishments is achieved, you can sign for the professional team.

Pro Clubs

I will admit I don't play this mode much. Most of these suggestions are from around the internet.

Add all the customization previously listed.
– Allow Pro Clubs to be more personal. Don't force the teams to use generic jerseys or a clone of a pre-existing one. Every new team you go up against should have some actual new and refreshing personality. Allow custom logos, kits, boots, stadiums, etc.

Improved A.I.
– Maybe allow clubs an ability to accumulate a form of currency, based on playtime and skill. Once your team save enough, you can sign higher rated players to fill the holes in your team.
– Have club skill points. Similar to the way they work for players, except your team decides to apply them to certain A.I. players.
– Let us name the A.I. players.

– Would work similarly to the other modes. Based on your club's reputation and other factors, you'd be paid a wage per game.
– May have to agree to show their logo on your kit or something.

Tournaments – Have permanent and live tournaments to participate in.
– Have them reward currency, more skill points, players, or limited-time cosmetic items.
– Have certain tournaments that prohibit better teams from joining, to create a fair space for newer and weaker teams.

Volta Pro Clubs
Allow users to play 5 a side with the new Volta mechanics. Drop ins and with your club.

Create a Player

More Customization
– Considering longer hairstyles are in the game, allow us to apply some of those hairstyles to our players.
– Bring back face scans.
– Allow for a slider to adjust player potential. 0-99. Would be great if I want to do a Road to Glory with my real life club team, and have my players be 60-70 rated in the 4th division, and still know they'll eventually be 80-99 rated down the line.

Women's Players
– There are girls who play this game, so let's allow them to create their own star as well. Maybe even let us add them as a custom player to the League Owner Mode.

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