Finally, its me again with 3-5-2/4-2-2-2 Guide from Elite 2/Div 1 players + some after patch gameplay tips!

FIFA19 9 - Finally, its me again with 3-5-2/4-2-2-2 Guide from Elite 2/Div 1 players + some after patch gameplay tips!

It has been a while since I last wrote anything here. Mainly since, my 4231 guide is still valid and I played with it for a long time. Also I am getting messages daily still to this Day about my 4231 guide. I am glad the post was so popular, and I have been trying to answer any questions the best I can.

Anyways after the finesse shot nerf, I was struggling a bit with scoring goals. I still maintained my elite 2/3 level, but was not finding the gameplay that enjoyable. Last few weeks I tried so many different styles and formations and this weekend I think I nailed it. I played a 2formation wknd. With 3-5-2 and 4-2-2-2 switching between them depending on the game. I would estimate I played 80% of games with 3-5-2 and rest with 4-2-2-2. I finished with 25-4, but I was so close to Elite 1, I Lost 2 very winnable games at the end on penalties. I just suck at pens. I think I have won like 1 of my last 20 penalty shootouts. If someone has any tips, please help me lol.

Anyways lets start with fundamentals of these formations. 3-5-2 is a formation that is so different to most "meta formations" people use in WL (4231 etc) that it offers the element of suprise. Which in my opinion is always good. When you use something else compared to your opponent. Thats one of the reasons it works so well. I was also suprised at how well it worked defensively. With right instructions, defensively it works like a 5-2-1-2 and attacking wise it is so dangerous and fun. 4-2-2-2 on the other hand is very straight forward fast formation. Its a Formation I switched to when opponent was keeping the posession and I felt like I was on the backfoot. It can be so deadly counter attacking formation. And very good pressuring formation. But as a main formation, it is not ideal since, it is very difficult against low depth drop Back opponents since the middle is not occupied at all with it. 4222 is also super solid defensively.

3-5-2 Tactics and instructions and my team setup ingame.

Defensive style: Pressure on heavy touch, Depth 4/3 Width 4. (I used 4)

Attacking style: Balanced, Width 7, Players in the box 5, Corners and freekicks on 3.


Cdms: Stay back while attacking, Cover Center, and the other one Balanced, cut passing lanes and cover center. Wide mids: Come Back on defense, Stay wide Cam: Balanced, Free roam, conservative interceptions. Strikers: I prefer having other one to get in behind and other one on Balanced runs. Both on Stay forward.

My team ingame:

Gk: Courtois (8chem) Rcb: FB D.Luiz (8chem) Cb: 88 Rijkaard Lcb: Futmas Matuidi (I know its weird) Cdm: League sbc Allan Cdm: Ndombele ffs RM: Ucl Live Florenzi LM: Toty Marcelo Cam: Neymar RS: Prime Figo LS: Cr7

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Important things about the team. I think cbs need to be decent Passing wise. Wide mids need to have 90-99 Stamina. This is very important. And they should be more like, fullbacks defensively. Since they drop defensively to act almost like fullbacks. They are very important part of the team. Also I like to have more skillfull cdms with good ability on the ball. Since I use them on the ball a lot, I want to be confident under pressure with them.

Key Players: Toty Marcelo (My favourite card all year long), CR7 (Still for me the best value for money).

4-2-2-2 Tactics and instructions:

Defensive style: pressure on heavy touch, Width 5, Depth 4/3 ( I used 4 again)

Attacking style: balanced, Width 6, Players in box 5.


Instructions: Fullbacks: stay Back, other Cdm stay back, cover center, other one Balanced, cut passing lanes, cover center. Cams balanced, other striker on Get in behind, other one balanced.

My team:

Gk: Courtois RB: Florenzi Rcb: D.Luiz Lcb: 88 Rijkaard LB: Futmas Matuidi Cdm: League sbc Allan Cdm: Toty Marcelo Cam: Potm Sterling (I change him on, and sub out ndombele, when I switch to 4222) Cam: Neymar RS: Figo LS: Cr7

Go ahead and try out this formation Combo for fun, If you want to change things. 3-5-2 demands a certain type of team. With high Stamina wide mids who can defend. 4222 is very flexible when it comes to the team. With 4222, attack quicker. With 3-5-2 use the whole width of the formation, wide mids staying wide is super important. Keep posession More. And when you get a quick counter, take it. Look for your widemids when attacking Through the middle. They often have so much empty space. And when you get the space, dont just Cross it blindly. Try and find a simple pass first. Its almost always there.

Gameplay tips:


I have turned off timed shooting. I still would say, If you have completely mastered using it, keep it on. But only, If you can hit green almost 100%> However for me after testing playing without it, I have not missed it. In tight chances, its nice to be able to spam the shot button. Also with the level of players Fifa19 has to offer now, you can finish well with regular shots. With long shots, I use L2+Circle (knuccled shot) a lot. Its very effective. Especially with good players. Also use full Power driven shots from distance. They are effective as well. When you have 1 on 1 chances, I either go for Driven shot, just a tap of circle, or a driven finesse (load up regular finesse shot, and then press and hold L1+R1 instantly after). I mostly finish front post. Also with heading, loading up the header first and then pressing and holding L1+R1 is very effective especially close to the goal, making a downward header. This way you never head it over the bar. Especially with players who have bad heading accuracy.

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However, I gotta say I almost never cross the ball in the Air, I always try and keep it down. I dont want to get countered. Only way I Cross it, is If CR7 is running to backpost. I think I scored 0 headers from open play this wknd. I still think, this new "Crossing meta" can be effective. But it is not for me. I hate playing like this myself, and I dont want to use it. I prefer playing with agile smaller players, and score nice goals. I dont have anything against people, who build their team around backpost crosses, its a tactic that can be mastered as well. I dont have problems against these players. You just have to Look out for them, take note who opponent has as wide cams or wingers. If he has Ronaldo and Bale as wingers, be sure he is gonna be using L1 crosses or El Tornado crosses. Just defend More aggressively against these opponents who have taller forwards with bad agility. Dont give them space. Especially out wide.

I know this guide was a bit all over the place. I just wrote it because I was waiting for a haircut lmao. Try out 3-5-2/4-2-2-2 combo for fun. I had a lot of fun, and I scored the most goals all year with it. And I think this 25-4 was very good result with it. If you have any other questions gameplay Wise, I will try and answer when I can. Thanks for reading!

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