Finished my first weekend leauge (my team review)

FIFA19 8 - Finished my first weekend leauge (my team review)

Happy with the result of my first weekend leauge (its my first fifa ever), was playing with this bundesliga squad:
?showoffId=g2Xq6IDInRt9P:FFA20PCC - Finished my first weekend leauge (my team review)

Now I want to write a small team review and say couple of words about the players.

Scheme that i chose was 4 2 3 1, havertz CAM and goretzka+delaney are CDM.

My main tactic was balanced 3 3 – balanced 5 6 2 2. Had some more defensive and offensive variation to switch during the game. Often swithced to my defensive play balance 2 2 balance 5 4 1 2 after scoring a goal or two to play safe. Also had drop back 1 depth plan for the last 10 minutes but it did me worse than ussual defending. It gives you no control of enemy attack.

Lets talk about the players:


Werner – nice striker, insane pace and shooting but passing sucks so hard, he can ruin every your possesion attack by failing a simple pass. Applied Marksman because no passing boosts can help him (tried).

Coutinho – bought him as an investment because he is out of packs. Already earned 25k but I was astonished by how good the card is. Hunter is a must have on him and he becomes a real beast with this applied. Nice curve balls, agi, shooting, just a rIGhT guy for your lEfT wing (right and left, gOT iT?). But the stamina is letting him down, dies at minute ~75. But there arent a lot of option to replace him. Coman is the same card but heavilly downgraded and the Persic isnt as agile, love that wing dribbling so Coutinho is my go for.

Gnabry – kinda decent but his performance for me is drasticly worse than couthinho (actually 2 times less goalies and assists). Maybe thats becayse of my playstyle but I feel like he isnt that good, haven't tried Sancho yet but don't really think he is better, so RW is a weak side of Bundesleauge


Havertz – just a right guy for CAM, but he is kinda a budget one. Lacks speed a lot, and you cant really go hunter for him because he is in the center and making the rest of the passes (litterally, top 1 passer). Workrates M/M so he is a lazy a bit, manual runs are requried. If you got coins go for Lewandowski with hunter applied or Reus, they also would open an 2 ST scheme opportunity for you, didnt like Havertz as second ST.


Goretzka and Delaney: one of the strongest less then 100 coins midfield combos, no way you will get through them, goretzka often scores for me, sso he is kinda cm and Delanay is a true CDM, he does insane amount of work in defence.

DEFENDERS (didnt applied chem styles, but they REALLY need them)

Roussillion – definitely one of the best LB in the game, insane stats, insane pace, agi, balance and fine def, with the right chem style he will DESOLATE the field, wingers are afraid of that guy chasing them down. Crab walk is meta and he is best at this. Also he is from france so u can make some hybrid with him + Hernandes

Mbabu – kinda weaker version of Roussilion but still is an amazing guy.

Akanji – beast. Thats it, he is an outstanding defender, he has got pace agi def stats, he is tall and has M/H. Must go for your bund defence

Sule – not the best card in the game, definitely dont buy him. 55 passing can let you down when you dont even expect it. He is UNTURNABLE 34 agi 33 balance and 53 acceleration ruin the card. Go for Hernandes, nothing will make Sule usefull, he is getting runned past every time


Neuer – bought him instead of Gulacsi and he is much better. Saves more, kicks the ball very accurate, dont afraid of kicking and passing the ball with him. Gulacsi is also fine, if you have not got the coins for the Neuer dont go for him, all the keepers suck.


Hazard is a weak card, played him a RW and he isnt doing his job.

Baily – played him before purchasing Coman and Coutinho, nice budget gut, definitely a go for.

Sabitzer – quick sell beast, decent card for discard price.

Thuran – havent tried them yet, you can buy him as an investment and amazing supersub.

Konate – insane defender for discard, probably even better then Sule because of pace he has got.

Lewandowski – have a loan one, without the hunter he is unplayable even as cam.

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