First time finesses post patch tested, different lateral velocity angles and results

FIFA19 9 - First time finesses post patch tested, different lateral velocity angles and results

Hi Guys,

I thought I would make this post because there is a lot of confusion about the new patch, many people have contrasting opinions, especially prominent figures in the fifa world, on if timed finesses are nerfed and I can say that after multiple tests I honestly found literally NO SIGNIFICANT difference. I honestly tried before and after patch noticed no difference at all, if there is a difference its so insignificant in a normal game you wont notice it.

I did some tests and here are some key points to take away/note:

  1. Lateral ball velocity is referring to the angle the ball is given to you and the angle of the ball when the shot is taken, NOT referring to the speed of the ball or type of pass (i.e driven pass, through ball, threaded pass)
  2. I tested this with good players such as Neymar / Nedved who have above eighty shooting stats
  3. Courtois was the the goal keeper, which is one of the best GKs to stop first timed finesses (good height, positioning, diving)
  4. Tested on range of game modes, but I did it against SB AI as online people move goalkeepers and the results wont be accurate as against AI
  5. I did first timed shots (early shots, no timed shot(grey), perfect timed shot) from all all ranges and angles to simulate a lot of situations and different lateral ball velocities and found no difference
  6. A key example that I kept doing was facing Nedved completely towards my OWN goal and scored a first time finesse 4/5 timed, and even scoring when it was an early timed shot
  7. I would say bare in mind that results do differ, I did use Baby Nedved and normal Neymar, if you have a player with lower finishing, there may be a difference but realistically no one does first timed finesses with those players and its really inconsistent to test as the shooting stats are bad
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In conclusion, just keep playing the same way and defending the same way against them, there is no notable difference that you will see in game, they still go in I did play rival games and I am still scoring them either way, what they need to do is buff the Goalkeepers reactions to first timed finesses to solve this issue, not nerf first time finesses (although they are overpowered and too accurate), it seems the issue lies with the goalkeepers inability to react to a ball which is not even in the top corner just curling around them.

The best way to defend against this is just to move your keeper and use second defender press (in that way you can control your keeper and have AI press the player if its difficult for you to control both), I also found that moving my keeper TOWARDS my goal sometimes helps to prevent those "middle curling" first timed finesse shots.

Video example:


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