Five things I personally learned while completing the Martinez objective

FIFA19 10 - Five things I personally learned while completing the Martinez objective

First, the FIFA community is horrible.

I get the context of the situation, the free card on the line, etc. But a majority of my opponents tonight should be ashamed of themselves. Playing absolutely dead football, passing around the back, wasting time, etc. Also, to the people who decide to use their mega teams just to humiliate people with their shitty MLS teams, you’re really not helping matters.

Second, EA should not have allowed players to sub on anyone outside of the MLS.

The MLS restriction should have continued on to the bench. Came up against people who brought Messi off the bench, Neuer and Handanovic in net, Varane and Ferdinand at the back… it takes away from the challenge and the idea of the objective.

Third, this game is unplayable if you don’t have a strong internet connection.

I’m not sure if it’s the online singles servers, or if it’s because I’m back in my mom’s house for Christmas where the internet is not great, but this game is unplayable with a poor connection. Passes, touches, skills, shots, tackles switching, etc. are all delayed and massively change the feel of the game in a way I have not experienced before.


Fourth, big target men are better in FIFA 19 than they have been for years.

My favorite striker I have used this year thus far is Lewandowski. For the price, you are getting guaranteed goals in any game mode for very cheap. And he seems to be a favorite on this sub as well. I got a very similar feel from Zlatan tonight as well. With the META of the 4231, a striker like a Zlatan or a Lewandowski are so good in this lone position. They can hold up the play for all 3 CAM’s, and are always in the right position to score.

Fifth, Rooney is the best MLS CDM you can use.

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There’s not much else to this. Rooney was absolutely and utterly broken at CDM. Try him.

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