Flashback De Rossi: The ~~Greek~~ Roman God in Rome [A review]

FIFA19 4 - Flashback De Rossi: The ~~Greek~~ Roman God in Rome [A review]

De Rossi is the ultimate football badass. I’ve always had a soft spot for Roma, and De Rossi in particular. He’s the mans man. When I think of a class defensive midfielder, I think of Daniele De Rossi. So when EA dropped a Flashback De Rossi, I already knew I was doing this SBC. I could go on and on about this man irl, but you came here to see if De Rossi was worth spending around 250k on the best beard in football, so without further ado, let’s get into it.

I played De Rossi alongside Makelele using this squad. I play 4-2-2-2, and used him for 10 games in FUT Champs, and Div 4/3 Rivals. He racked up 3 goals and 7 assists. I tried to play as normally as possible, but at the same time, trying to test DDRs limits. I have no instructions set on him, apart from cover center.

(Note: I will be classifying Reactions and Composure in the Defensive category as I don’t consider them a part of Dribbling.)

Below, I’ve rated him, based on the position I used him in:



Pace: 7/10

CDMs don’t usually need too much pace, and DDR didn’t impress me with his pace, but I can’t complain too much. Average pace.

Shooting: 8/10

Scoring 3 goals for me in 10 games from a CDM position, is very good for me. However, he only scored one with his foot. His 75 shooting is weighted down a ton by his finishing and positioning, but actually impressed me. His shots are freakishly powerful, but not always in the corner of the net. If you hit a green timed long shot, the keeper will more than likely, either parry the shot or slap it wide. Shooting with De Rossi felt more tactical than it did me wanting to score. I shot the ball with him and there was basically two outcomes: back of the net or I get a corner. Win-Win. I’ve scored numerous corners as a result of a DDR long shot.

Passing: 10/10

Dear God. I have NEVER used a better passer than DDR this year. Want to ping a 60 yard through ball in the last minute of stoppage time? DDRs got this, with pinpoint accuracy. From the standard, short one-two’s in midfield, to switching the play, or even starting a lethal counter with a single kick of the ball, you can count on De Rossi. Absolute perfection. You won’t find a better passer of the ball this year.

Dribbing: 7/10

On the ball, De Rossi is standard. A tad bit clunky on the ball, which made him turn over possession in the middle of the park a few times. Nothing you can’t adapt to, though. If he’s in space, you can dribble forward, but I would pass the ball as soon as you start to get closed down. 2* skills, is something I can’t ignore, though. It does hinder him a ton, especially when getting closed down. What I do to keep possession, is some stepovers+direction switch (any outfield player can do these skills, so it’s vital to learn) or just pass it.


Defending: 10/10

It’s hard to find something bad in a player when all his stats are 95+. 99 composure and 93 reactions are also some absolutely ridiculous stats. He will make some instinct tackles, blocks, and interceptions on his own. He won’t misplace a pass or miss a tackle when being pressured. De Rossi led most games in interceptions and tackles, and that’s absolutely ridiculous. He always chased players down to get the ball, a true work horse. Never have I played with someone where I could just press tackle, and be shocked when he didn’t win the ball.

Physical: 10/10

Once again, with anchor, his stats are fully maxed out (apart from stamina). His heading is CR7-esque in terms of power generated, height, and accuracy. Pinpoint headers. He towers over most, so if you’re limited with passing options, or are getting pinned down, just ping a pass DDRs way and he’ll get to it, not a problem. I did find myself having to sub him out once a game went to extra time as he was getting fairly tired, so keep that in mind. Impeccable stats.

Key Stat/s

95/94 Passing

96 Marking

89 Jumping

99 Composure

97 Aggression

Overall Rating: 9/10

Similar player/s:

Passing- Pirlo. I realize he’s retired, but his EOAE card last year never missed a pass. Absolute genius.

This man is alien. There is absolutely no one I can compare him to in all aspects of his game. Unique player.

Value for money/time: 9/10

250k for an untradable card is steep. However, if you have a Serie A/Italian team, he’s an absolute must. If he fits your team, whatsoever, he’s a must. We are unlikely to find a more complete CDM than this De Rossi, until TOTS. This card is absolutely Iconic. A gem. Basically, if he fits your team, get him. If he doesn’t fit, try to.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed my review on Flashback Daniele De Rossi. If there’s any other card you’d like me to review, let me know!

(Note: I don’t like giving 10/10 ratings unless the category is maxed out or almost maxed out. No card, for the most part, is perfect, so my grades on them can’t be either. I like to be honest with my reviews and not overhype the card. I hate when people review a card and say it’s 10/10 in every aspect of the game when they’re clearly not, so I try to steer clear of that.)

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