Forecasting The Price of Untradeable SBC Players Had They Been Tradeable Using Machine Learning

FIFA19 3 - Forecasting The Price of Untradeable SBC Players Had They Been Tradeable Using Machine Learning

Ok so I was curious to know what the price of 2 POTM would be had he been a tradeable card on the market on PS4. Fair warning: for this analysis only I took into account the player goal/assist contributions from Futbin data and other variables such as nationality, league, links, etc. were ignored. I'm going to add those in when I have more time for later SBCs. Btw, this same method can be used to evaluate the real price of a player on the market too to know if you are overpaying and if there would be equivalent players available for better prices.

I used Python3 with pandas, sklearn, and requests library. To install all the dependancies run:

pip3 install pandas requests sklearn

Then import all the libraries

“` import requests import pandas import io

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup from sklearn.neighbors import KNeighborsRegressor “`

Then we can implement parsers to scrape futbin for the player goal contribution data:

“` def normalize_price(price_row): new_price_row = <> for price in price_row: price_str = str(price) if price_str<-1> == 'M': new_price_row.append(float(price_str<:-1>) * 1000000) elif price_str<-1> == 'K': new_price_row.append(float(price_str<:-1>) * 1000) else: try: new_price_row.append(float(price_str)) except: new_price_row.append(0) return new_price_row

def load_pgp_data( sort: str='goals', count: int=100, min_games: int=10000, order: str='desc', version: str='all_nif' ): # construct the filter url default_count_per_page = 30 # this is what futbin shows by default on each page number_of_pages_to_load = int(count / default_count_per_page) + 1

dataframes = <> for page in range(number_of_pages_to_load): request_url = f'{page}' request_url += f'&sort={sort}&games={min_games}&order={order}&version={version}' res = requests.get(request_url) # find the players table soup = BeautifulSoup(res.content, 'html.parser') players_table = soup.findAll("table", {"class": "table-hover"})<0> players_table = f'<html><body>{players_table}</body></html>' # turn the table into a pandas dataframe df = pandas.read_html(io.StringIO(players_table))<0> # clean up and normalize the price variables df<'PS4'> = normalize_price(df<'PS4'>) df<'XB1'> = normalize_price(df<'XB1'>) dataframes.append(df) return pandas.concat(dataframes) 


For this model, I loaded the top 1000 players based on goals scored per game and trained a knn model on them.

“` gpg_top_1000 = load_pgp_data(count=1000, version='gold') model_labels = <'Goals', 'Assists', 'Rating'> model_targets = <'PS4'>

neigh = KNeighborsRegressor(n_neighbors=2), gpg_top_1000) “`

I used the model to forecast the price of the 2 POTM Reus card:


predict the price of Reus if he was not a an untradeable card

neigh.predict(<<0.72, 0.37, 90>>) “`


array(<<822500.>>) “`

So if he was a tradeable card on the market, he would go for about 822k on PS4.

If people are interested, for later SBCs I can pull the card stats, reviews on futbin (with sentiment analysis) and goal contributions data to make better forcasts for player SBCs.

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