Frostbite engine is killing this game, but in a different way than we thought

FIFA19 2 - Frostbite engine is killing this game, but in a different way than we thought

While everyone is telling that the engine is broken graphically and affects the gameplay with bouncing balls and stuff, but actually it reduces the skill gap A LOT than normal. A game engine shouldnt intervene with the competitiveness of the game, but on Fifa it has very high influence.

Let me explain why.

VVD, Blanc, David Luiz, Ferdinand, Cancelo, Viera, Gullit, CR7, Marcos Alonso UEL, all types of Rabbiot, Zlatan, and more.

This cards are having only 3 things in common, their weight, long legs and the space that they cover. Because of the frostbite, if you are a good player, its so easy to defend. On our very bad servers and huge delay on response time, you can feel the difference more between huge players and small players.

For example, Cannavaro is an amazing DC, but why David Luiz or Davinson Sanchez performs better than him? Many of people telling that Cannavaro cannot take headers, but its not correct. He has amazing jumping skills and he can take. The only reason is, he has short legs and he is small, thats all. While even the gold card of Davinson Sanchez can block everything, hit you like a truck, as well as Kimpembe, but Cannavaro is not able to tackle/block many of the opponents. You need to manually control him if you want to tackle, and its a big risk because of the stupid gameplay.


Tackling is totally broken, if you have VVD, just rush to the player and try to hit him with his body.
If you try to tackle, you will lose the ball and position for sure.
Even the perfect successfull tackles are not giving you an opportunity to have the ball.

After seeing a lot of people with Blanc this week, I can totally understand now why that card is so good.
Not because of any traits/powers/ratings, just because of the frostbite.
Because Blanc and many other cards like him, they dont have to tackle, they just have to be exist so you cannot move around of him, even with skill moves. You will hit him somehow and the ball bounce far away than your player.

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Thats why we cannot go to the goal, thats why El Tornado or spamming la croqueta is Meta.
If you want to fix this game, fix this engine first.

I am an Elite 3 player (and elite 2 once) and I never saw higher ranks ; I dont believe that I will ever see higher, just because I prefer to play with Butra, David Villa, R.carlos, cannavaro, kante, bergkamp etc. Do not get me wrong, I am not a very good player and I know I lack a lot of things, but this engine annoys me a lot. I dont wanna try doing perfect skill moves on shitty servers, and when I catch the perfect timing and everything, it still fails because of the engine.

thanks for reading, dont go so harsh on me 🙂

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