Functions that are Currently Fundamentally Broken in Fifa 19.

FIFA19 8 - Functions that are Currently Fundamentally Broken in Fifa 19.
  • Gameplay – This changes from day to day with one day it being smooth and fast, to the next being incredibly slow. This happens on offline and online game modes.
  • Input Delay – This usually occurs when servers are overloaded but sometimes randomly appears and makes the game unplayable.
  • Setup from Corners – Most commonly a problem for defending corners and is where your 5'6 striker is marking their 6"4 Centre back at the near post. While your centre back is on the edge anticipating a counter attack.
  • Auto Switching – This occurs all the time even when you have it turned on air balls or off completely. Ironically If you have it turned on airballs it sometimes doesn't auto switch when the ball is in the air.
  • Player Locking – When you make an interception with a player and the ball bobbles twenty yards away into open space and it doesn't allow you to switch to the player closest to the ball to chase. Instead keeps the player who made the interception locked onto the ball even if they aren't going to get it leaving them out of position.
  • Heavy touches after La Croqueta/Ball Rolls – Sometimes after completing a ball roll or la croqueta your player will just toe poke the ball 30 yards way the way you're facing.
  • Referees – Just incredibly inconsistent some refs give yellows for every single foul committed others won't give a foul if your player is two footed from behind in the box.
  • Goalkeepers – They lock onto crosses you don't want them to come out for and completely miss judge it. Or they don't come out for a cross which is going right on them and let your opponent have a free header into an open goal. Also they tend to go to the ball really slowly when its going out of play and slide tackle it instead of pick it up under no pressure.
  • FUT Menus – Still takes half an hour to give each player a contract/fitness card due to delay in the menu.
  • Clearances from corners – When I hold lob pass to make it a full power lobbed header away from the corner it doesn't go anywhere near I aim it. Usually it goes straight up in the air putting us under even more pressure.
  • Passing – Doesn't go where you aim your passes a lot of the time.
  • Weekly Objective – Currently have Cazorla's name misspelled in his FUTMAS card in weekly objectives.
  • Player Switching – You can never switch to the player you want even if you manually switch using the right analog stick.
  • Manual Tackling – Even when tackling with high rated defenders it takes at least two strong challenges to get the ball.
  • Kick Off Glitch – Your defence still drops and doesn't pressure the ball from kick off leading to a lot of goals.
  • Division Rivals Rewards – They literally disincentive you to go up from div 4 with div 4 and 5 rewards being better than 3 and arguably 2 despite you having to play more against better players in higher divisions.
  • Player Position Glitch – Usually after you make changes to your formation your players don't play in the right position e.g. ST playing at CDM and RW playing CDM.
  • Long Free Kick 2nd Man Option – Almost always from a long free kick the 2nd man option is a CB despite him being best used in the box.
  • SBC Transfer Market Glitch – When you buy a player through SBC transfer market it kicks you out half the time.
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Feel free to comment any I have missed out in the comments.


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