FUT Enhancer Script – Install guide and Features

FIFA19 8 - FUT Enhancer Script - Install guide and Features

So, in my previous post (see in my history), I had a lot (and I mean a LOT) of requests for instructions on how to install this very nice script that allows you to see the current FUTBIN price for every item on the market and/or in your club straight on the Web App.

Due to popular demand, here is a step-by-step guide on how to install the script (on Google Chrome, might be similar on other browsers but I'll stick to what I know best).

  1. Go on the Chrome App Store by clicking here and install Tampermonkey. This will allow you to execute scripts in your browser, and is necessary for this program.
  2. Once Tampermonkey is enabled, go on this page, select the latest release (currently 1.4.1) and click on "fut-enhancer.user.js". This will open an installation page for the UserScript
  3. Click on "Install", and wait for the confirmation
  4. Launch the FUT Web App, and check by clicking on the tiny Tampermonkey icon (top-right, next to your Adblocker) that both the extension and the script are working. If they are, a settings wheel should appear on the bottom-right of your Web App
  5. If everything is working fine and you see the settings menu, here is a list of the features. You might have to reload the Web App one more time for the settings to be active after each modification.

  • "Refresh transferlist" adds a refresh button. Useful for sniping, but don't abuse it
  • "Search minimum BIN" will look for all the cards on the market and give you the lowest price at any given moment (takes a few seconds)
  • "Extra card information" shows you fitness and contracts, both for your players and the ones on the market depending on which page you are
  • "Increase transfer list size" will make the number of items on each page bigger
  • "Transfer list totals" will add the total value (FUTBIN, bid and BIN) of all items in your TL
  • "FUTBIN integration" will add links to each card's FUTBIN page on the right, and also mark players whose BIN is lower than the last recorded one on the website with a green tint
  • "Instantly confirm Buy It Now dialog" is pretty staightforward. Useful for sniping cause you only need to click one, but also risky if you misclick
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Huge props to Mardaneus86 for his work on this script, it made my life so much easier.

Cheers, beautiful people, and if you have issues or comments about this post, let me know and I'll do my best to help!

EDIT: This script should be 100% safe and undetectable, as it does not send any request to the FUT Servers. I have been using it myself for two months. However, use it at your own risk.

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