FUTMAS Bruma Review(10 DR Games)

FIFA19 3 - FUTMAS Bruma Review(10 DR Games)

Hey Guys – Usually more of a lurker than a poster but figured I would get this out there before the SBC expires. Welcome to my mini(10 game division rivals) review of FUTMAS Bruma. First off, the team I use him in is as follows(just as a side note, this team is the most fun I've had playing fifa in ages):

Starting Formation:

In Game Formation:

Tactics: Pressure on heavy touch, Fast build up

Card Info:

Position: RAM

Chem Style: Deadeye

Games Played: 10

Goals: 10

Assists: 6


Pace) 9/10 – Absolutely Rapid. 94 Pace makes him perfect for the RAM role with my play style. Gets up the wings past almost any defender with ease. Over the top passes or driven through balls are made easy with this card.

Shooting) 8/10 – Face card stat looks average at 78 but with the deadeye it gets boosted up to 88 with very good in games. 94 Positioning, 90 finishing and 96 shot power make him great from anywhere inside the box and the 4* weak foot makes him a threat with both his right and his left. Cant complain when he has a positive goal to game ratio so far.


Passing) 6.5-7/10 – Similar to above, the base stat of 75 looks average at best, however after the deadeye is goes up to a respectable 81 with fairly good in games. His Long Passing and FK accuracy are both low enough that it bring the overall base stat down further than it probably should be. With great short passing(88) and good curve(85) I have found him to have no real issues playing RAM. Only downside would be his crossing is only 80, which for some players may cause concern.

Dribbling) 8/10 – 96 Agility, 93 Balance, 90 Dribbling, and 4* skills, what more can I say. He feels immense on the ball. The combination of speed and agility makes him feel almost as good as the likes of Mertens, Messi, Hazard, or Neymar to me. Low reactions and Composure are the only reason I don't have this as a 9/10 or 10/10.

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Not going to touch on defending or physical as that is not the reason you go out and get a card like this. 80 Stamina is good enough for the role he is in, haven't had to sub him off yet. He's 5 8" so don't expect him to win much in the air.

Overall I think this card is wonderful and is good value for money. If you're looking for a Bundesliga or Portuguese CAM(or even striker if you throw a sniper on him) I would not hesitate to pick this card up.

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